John Oliver on how right-wing disinformation is making the pandemic worse

On the YouTube description of the latest episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: "As COVID-19 continues to dominate the news cycle, John Oliver looks at the various sources of misinformation about the disease - from televangelists and the right wing media, to President Trump himself."

If you want to see something really scary, scroll to 3:30 in the video. (That's Kenneth Copeland by the way, who is worth $300 million and owns a $260,000 Maserati). Read the rest

John Oliver on Trump's love affair with far-right news network, OAN

Donald Trump frequently lavishes praise One America News (OAN), a news network that makes Fox News look like the Socialist Worker. In this episode of Last Week Tonight, John Oliver looks into OAN and "why they could be a big problem during the pandemic."

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Once again, John Oliver gives the best debrief of the coronavirus situation

Here's Last Week Tonight's second episode about the coronavirus. Oliver delivered his talk in a white walled room, with no audience (and no laughter).

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John Oliver nails it with his passionate feature on America's family separation policy

A ton of criticism, anger and pain has come from the family separation policy being enforced on the southern border of the United States. Few pieces of commentary on the subject nail the fine points of the topic with such humor and sadness as John Oliver's passionate rant against the inhuman practice on Last Week Tonight. Read the rest

John Oliver's got a few choice words for FOX News

Watching John Oliver bring the noise to Fox News is a great way to start the week. Read the rest

John Oliver sets the record straight

John Oliver's big enough to admit when he's wrong. He's so damn large, in fact, that he sat down behind his gigantic desk just to post this series of retractions to YouTube.

Thank you, Kaiju John Oliver, for taking your giant time to make these giant corrections. We, the small people of the earth, salute you. Read the rest

John Oliver is here to remind you that things, as always, are not OK

Depending on your political leanings, the latest episode of Last Week Tonight, available on YouTube for the world to enjoy/loathe, will provide you with some catharsis or fill you with loathing. Read the rest

John Oliver's season finale: analyzing Trump's year of attacks on truth, decency and America

John Oliver is on fire (naturally) in his season finale segment on the first year of Trumpism, a year so busy and scandal-plagued that it really needs to this kind of revisiting to bring its full ghastliness to light. Read the rest