The Marketing Seminar: an online masterclass in marketing from Seth Godin

From the wonderful, refreshingly bullshit-free marketing guy Seth Godin (Seth Godin, a new online course on marketing, called (simply enough), "The Marketing Seminar." Read the rest

Free Stanford course on surveillance law UPDATED

Aw, crap, this was last year

Stanford is offering a free online course by computer scientist/law professor Jonathan Mayer that surveys the baroque, interleaved world of US surveillance law through the Coursera MOOC platform.

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The future of photography, education, sharing, news, privacy and learning (seriously)

Jonathan Worth is a celebrated, successful, internationally recognized award-winning photographer who saw the writing on the wall for his business -- selling pictures to magazines -- when he found himself threatening a young girl for pirating his pictures, and decided there had to be a better way. Read the rest

Harvard's amazing Copyright X online course taking applications

Nathaniel from Harvard's Berkman Center writes, "Copyright X -- AKA 'The MOOC the New Yorker actually liked' and 'the butt-kickingest free copyright class you didn't even know you'd love' -- is gearing up and taking applications for its third run." Read the rest

Free cybersecurity MOOC

The Open University's "Introduction to Cyber Security" is a free online course -- with optional certificate -- that teaches the fundamentals of crypto, information security, and privacy; I host the series, which starts on Oct 13." Read the rest

CopyrightX: Harvard's ground-breaking MOOC on copyright law

Nathaniel writes, "Copyright X -- AKA 'The MOOC the New Yorker actually liked' -- is tooling up for a second run at it, expanding on its unusual, hybrid format. This year, in addition to the real-world classes attended by 100 Harvard Law students and online sections for 500 students -- taking the M out of MOOC -- the course is adding more 'satellites' and integrating them more with the other two course communities. The satellites are, for the most part, meat-space classes in about 10 locales around the world, each taught by an expert in copyright law. Apply here."


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CopyrightX: a massively open online course on copyright from Harvard's Terry Fisher

Update: Kendra from Harvard sez, The online course called CopyrightX is a version of the HLS Copyright course taught on edX by Prof. Fisher. It's facilitated by the Berkman Center for Internet and Society and the efforts of a number of HLS students. The materials are free and accessible at Prof. Fisher's website:

The site linked in the current post is a student created website - not an official part of the course.

Kevin sez, "Lots of folks know about Stack Exchange, progenitor of, right? Well, two weeks after Aaron Swartz died, Harvard Law School published on the web all resources for their copyright course. Named CopyrightX, the course is taught by Professor Terry Fisher of The Berkman Center for Internet and Society. This move is sure to have global consequences, for it gives a scholarly confirmation of Kirby Ferguson's thesis in 'Everything is a Remix' that the common good as a meme was overwhelmed by intellectual property. Harvard's CopyrightX repeatedly shows that the original goal of copyright was indeed to improve the lives of everyone by encouraging creativity and 'producing a shared pool of knowledge, open to all.' Now Stack Exchange hosts a community proposal to help amplify the ripples of CopyrightX in the global pond for as long a duration as possible. Come follow the community, post 5 Example Questions, and up-vote your favorites. Surely there can be no broader interest group for a SE community than those of us affected by copyright."


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Open University is now more open

The UK Open University, where I'm a visiting senior lecturer, has just announced a new free/open learning platform called Futurelearn: "Futurelearn will be the UK's first large-scale provider of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), a new kind of educational offering that charges no fees, offers no formal qualifications and has no barriers to entry. The first generation of MOOCs, which has attracted millions of students from around the world, laid the foundation for widespread change in higher education. The universities of Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, East Anglia, Exeter, King's College London, Lancaster, Leeds, Southampton, St Andrews and Warwick have all signed up to join The Open University in Futurelearn."

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