Conservatives angry at Burger King over ad where someone says "Damn that's good"

In today's era of genteel moderation and respectful political leadership, foul language has become a shocking outrage on those rare occasions it shows up in our broader culture. Now Burger King has ruined everything by using the phrase "Damn that's good" in a burger ad, unleashing the forces of incivility, blasphemy and obscenity. A conservative […]

Biscuit package looks like it has naughty word on it

Is the suggestive capitalization the result of bad design or a cunning stunt? Either way, customers complained and the seller has revised the product design. Aldi said the packaging has since been amended, with different letters in the slogan now capitalised to avoid the embarrassing mishap. A spokesperson added: "Our crackers have been available in […]

Fired Yahoo CEO says "They f'd me over"

Photo: REUTERS/Robert Galbraith Outgoing Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz, fired over the phone by board chairman Roy Bostock, is famous for using foul language. Following her departure, she did not disappoint. "These people fucked me over," she says, in her first interview since her dismissal from the CEO role late Tuesday. … "I said, 'Roy, I […]