This Lincoln Project ad just keeps getting better

Powerful stuff.

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If you tell Facebook you're a senator looking to buy political ads, they just take your word for it

Vice decided to test out Facebook's commitment to positively identifying the people and organizations behind political ads, so they applied for clearance to buy ads in the names of ever sitting US Senator, showing no proof, and Facebook granted permission in each case. Read the rest

Startlingly simple, brutal political ad

There are no crying children, no victims, no poor seniors or struggling patients. But this ad is one of the most brutal I've ever seen. Despite the manifest vileness of its target, Paul Gosar, it is restrained, measured, straightforward, and you should stick with it to the end. Read the rest

Find out who's manipulating you through Facebook political ads with ProPublica's free tool

“There's information about political advertising—including the choices about how to target ads to you instead of someone else—that's not in Facebook's Ad Archive,” says ProPublica's Jeremy Merrill. “It can only be exposed if you participate in this project with ProPublica, ABC and our other awesome partners.” Read the rest

A perfect political ad (Video)

I love firemen! I love brotherhoods! I love gay marriage! This ad has everything! Read the rest