What happens to hotel soap

What happens to the lightly-used blocks of hand soap, lotion and shampoo left in hotel rooms? They used to go in the trash, but in recent years a recycling program has taken off and sends sterilized, recycled bars and bottles to homeless shelters and foreign aid programs. Clean the World partners with Hyatt, Hilton, Marriott, Disney and other resort chains and has made 50 million bars of soap in 11 years. In this video, Tech Insider takes a tour of the program. Read the rest

Soap for grammar police

The Whiskey River Soap Company's funny soap varieties mostly fall flat for me, but there's one exception: the Grammar Police edition. (Thanks, Fipi Lele!) Read the rest

Take a deep dive into the ASMR world of soap carving


Carving soap bars into tiny cubes is apparently so satisfying visually and aurally that there's a whole series of videos depicting its many pleasures. Read the rest

This Japanese body wash commercial is my everything


I've got nothing. Just... just watch this. Read the rest

Soaps that look like food

Artist Rochelle Javier makes soap carvings that look good enough to eat. But don't, because they're soap. Read the rest

Fun bar soap in the form of Nintendo 64 cartridges

Body soap that looks just like classic Nintendo 64 cartridges! "Soapy Mario Bathers" indeed. Available in Goldeneye, Mario Kart 64, The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong 64, and Super Smash Bros.

Read the rest

Geek out with this nerdy DIY soap

Looking for a fun, geeky DIY project to smarten your favorite sink? How about some colorful Thing, Batman, Tardis and Hans Solo soaps? Inspired by their nerdy collection of ice cube trays, the folks at PopSugar show us how to make quick and easy soaps with microwaveable soap base. The only catch is whether or not your ice cube trays are worthy enough.

You can get lots of SF-themed molds on Amazon:

Tardis and Daleks Han Solo Marvel Comics Superheroes Batman

Here are the ingredients:

2 pounds of soap base Liquid soap colors Read the rest

Hyperlocal soaps inspired by neighborhoods

My friend Malena Seldin and her pals launched Local Lathers, a wonderfully-creative new line of natural, handmade soaps that are inspired by neighborhoods and landmarks, like the "Brooklyn Bridge Daily Grind" that smells of sandalwood and coffee! Read the rest

NYT jumps on our smelly old 'I don't use soap' bandwagon

Sean Bonner writing for Boing Boing, 2011: "I haven't used soap or shampoo in a year, and it's awesome: a personal experiment." NYT, 2014: "My No-Soap, No-Shampoo, Bacteria-Rich Hygiene Experiment." Read the rest

Dr Bronner's acid-dropping, Burner CEO profiled

Mike from Mother Jones writes, "Josh Harkinson profiles David Bronner, the 40-year-old, hallucinogen-dropping, Burning Man-attending scion of the Dr. Bronner's soap empire, who channels roughly half of the company's substantial profits into activism, including the Washington State GMO-labeling bill that voters will decide upon tomorrow. Bronner, who favors the labeling of foods with GMO ingredients, has been arrested for planting hemp seeds on the DEA's lawn and for a performance-art protest where he milled hemp seeds in a cage outside the White House. He also sued the DEA (and won), so that his company could legally obtain hemp oil as a soap ingredient. Since David took over, Dr. Bronner's sales have soared. It's on track to bring in $64 million in revenues this year. But in a strike against corporate greed, Bronner has capped the company's top salaries at five times that of the lowest-paid warehouse worker." Read the rest

Urinal mint-scented soap

Other manly scents available from ManHands' Etsy store include leather, cash and bacon. [via Uncrate] Read the rest