Tiny picnic tables for feeding squirrels in style

Boredom sparked creativity for Florida-based Tech Strategist and new mom Lucy Smalls. While at home sheltered in place, inspiration struck and now she is feeding squirrels from little hanging picnic tables she built. She's not selling the tiny tables, or patterns to make your own, but has pointed the internet to Squirrelly Treasure Co. on Etsy which is selling both ($25 for a finished table).


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Squirrel wearing a 'Scream' mask

Some of the funniest products to come down the pipeline in years are Archie McPhee's line of squirrel feeders. By putting some food inside a tiny head (like a horse or a unicorn), a squirrel will unwittingly become part of a hilarious show.

Now folks are making their own versions. We first saw the Donald Trump head squirrel feeder back in July and now, thanks to comic book artist Sean Chan, there's one that has the squirrel donning the spooky Ghostface mask from the movie Scream.

It's never not funny:

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Finally done with all the kid’s costumes! Made one a while back for our backyard squirrel which she’ll be wearing for Halloween. #squirrelsofinstagram #squirrel #ghostfacemask. For permission to use this video, contact-licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom

A post shared by Sean Chen (@seanchenart) on Oct 29, 2018 at 1:27pm PDT

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Donald Trump head squirrel feeder

Undoubtedly inspired by the Archie McPhee's hilarious squirrel feeders, Drew Eldrige of Tennessee has hung out a food-filled Donald Trump mask on their deck for squirrels to find. Not only did squirrels find it, but so did a chipmunk!

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