Lollipops that look like "creature eyeballs"

Vintage Confections' $19 Creature Eyeball lollipop assortments come in an assortment of six flavors ("Blackberry, Marshmallow, Cotton candy, Green apple, Strawberry, Guava") and an assortment of creepy eyeball designs. (via Crazy Abalone) Read the rest

A kitchen assembly line makes packing lunch a breeze

With a little prep, you can turn your kitchen into a convenient lunch assembly line for your kids or even just for yourself. Read the rest

Trollcakes: sleuthing bakers will hunt down your trolls, inscribe their hate in icing, and deliver edible words

Ever wish the anonymous jerks who comments on your online life would be made to eat their words? Wish no more, Trollcakes is here. Read the rest

Giving vegetables seductive names gets people to eat them

Boring vegetables need better marketing. That's the gist of a new study from Stanford university psychologists who gave cafeteria vegetables more "indulgent" names to see if students would buy them more often. Healthy labels ("wholesome," etc) didn't do well but indulgent labels ("sizzlin'", "dynamite," etc.) boosted vegetable sales by 25%. From the BBC:

The experiment took place over the whole of the autumn academic term. Each day, a vegetable dish was labelled up in one of four ways:

• basic - where the description was simply "carrots", for example

• healthy restrictive - "carrots with sugar-free citrus dressing"

• health positive - "smart-choice vitamin C citrus carrots"

• indulgent - "twisted citrus-glazed carrots"

...The indulgent labels came out top and included "twisted garlic-ginger butternut squash wedges" and "dynamite chilli and tangy lime-seasoned beets".

Seductive names resulted in 25% more people selecting the vegetable compared with basic labelling, 41% more people than the healthy restrictive labelling and 35% more people than the healthy positive labelling.

"Association Between Indulgent Descriptions and Vegetable Consumption: Twisted Carrots and Dynamite Beets" (JAMA) Read the rest

Watch experts hand-process 100 coconuts for oil

Arumugam and a friend make quick work of 100 raw coconuts as they prepare coconut oil, then use it to cook some really tasty-looking grilled chicken legs, one of his specialties. Read the rest

Popeyes coats fried chicken in cookie-crumbs, serves with jam

Popeyes is now serving a limited-time "Sweet and Tender" chicken dish that involves dredging nuggets of chicken slurry in shortbread-cookie dust, then serving it with high-fructose corn syrup jam. Read the rest

These symmetrical breakfasts are balanced in more ways than one

Food photographer Michael Zee uses his Instagram SymmetryBreakfast to document the beautifully symmetrical meals he makes for himself and his husband every morning. You can see some of my favorites below and even more gorgeous photos on Instagram.

Sunday: Steak and eggs 🐄🐣 with a yuzu hollandaise, rocket leaves, roast potato, tea 🙌🏼 there aren't many brunches I love more than this 😍 We're just missing the Bloody Mary! -------------------------------------- Thanks to everyone for the lovely comments and messages about this weeks #LetterFromShanghai (my new project about living in Shanghai) that's up on my website! If you haven't then click the link in my bio 👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼#symmetrybreakfast

A post shared by SymmetryBreakfast (@symmetrybreakfast) on May 20, 2017 at 10:23pm PDT

Monday: Spanakopita 🇬🇷although mine is less traditional as I used puff and not filo 🤷🏻‍♂️ but filled with spinach, some leftover kale, feta, onion and egg 🌈 with cucumber and tomato with a sprinkle of sesame and drizzle of Arganic oil @arganicldn 💪🏼 Now it's time to dance round the table to Zorba 🕺🏻🕺🏻(or maybe Nana Mouskouri) --------------------------------------- This time next week we'll be ✈️ jetting off to Florence for a few days!! Bring on all the foooooood! ❤️❤️❤️#symmetrybreakfast

A post shared by SymmetryBreakfast (@symmetrybreakfast) on Jun 4, 2017 at 5:59pm PDT

Tuesday: Homemade focaccia and leftovers from last night 👍🏼 Grilled courgette, coppa, mozzarella with added omelette and avocado for a killer breakfast, brunch, lunch, whatever 🌈😍 it's still a holiday in China too 🙌🏼🇨🇳 ---------------------------------------- Just two weeks until we're in Florence 🇮🇹 for Mark's work!

Read the rest

Watch how maple syrup harvesting has gone high-tech

Buckets hanging on maple trees may have worked great 200 years ago, but modern producers use a system like the internet: a series of tubes! Read the rest

Gentleman smokes 75-year-old cigarette from military rations

Military ration historian Steve1989 cracked open a real gem: a 1942 World War II K Ration by Doughboy Mills, which contained a package of Chelsea cigarettes. Read the rest

Discover the acceptable levels of filth in your favorite foods

Looking for an appetite suppressant? The U.S. Food & Drug Administration can help. Just stop by FDA's Defect Levels Handbook to learn how many insect legs and rodent hairs are acceptable in various foods sold to the American public. Read the rest

GreenSavers are the best produce savers I've tried

After trying too many different options, I decided that GreenSavers [Amazon link] best met the twin goals of keeping veggies fresh while making the fridge navigable.

Man's gluten free airline meal request met with a single banana

Martin Pavelk pre-ordered a gluten-free breakfast for his All Nippon Airways flight from Tokyo to Sydney, Australia. He was served a single banana, a packet of salt, and a knife and fork.

“All other passengers were served a full breakfast meal consisting of eggs, sausage, mushrooms, bread, and yogurt,” Pavelk said. “This was a nine-hour flight. Although definitely gluten-free, the banana did not keep me full for very long.”

All Nippon Airways told The Telegraph that they have since "apologized to him personally and as a result of his experience we are reviewing our policy on gluten free options and how they are served.” Read the rest

Juice is basically sugar-water

Fruit is good for you; fruit-juice is mostly sugar and water, and what's more, getting your calories from liquids does not invoke your satiety response meaning that you stay hungry even after consuming crazy amounts of calories. Read the rest

This pizza dress and taco gown are so glamorous

A pizza dress and a taco gown by IMGUR-ian Avant Geek Art.

Read the rest

The Sandwich Alignment Chart (cue John Hodgman's exploding head!)

@matttomic's Sandwich Alignment Chart isn't just an amusing and thought-provoking taxonomy of sandwiches (though it certainly is that!). Read the rest

No matter how cool superblack activated charcoal food looks, it's a bad idea

Activated charcoal makes for some cool-looking chow, like the superblack soft-serve at LA's Little Damage, and you might think that since activated charcoal is given to people with acute poisoning, it's safe to eat. Read the rest

Superblack soft-serve ice-cream

The Little Damage ice-cream shop near downtown LA has unveiled a new, superblack soft-serve flavor called "Almond Charcoal" whose coloring comes from activated charcoal. Read the rest

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