NZ's National Party sued by Eminem for copyright infringement

The National Party was instrumental in passing the harsh "strict liability" NZ copyright laws that offer no relief from liability, even for people who buy licenses that turn out to have been offered in error -- as appears to be the case in the National Party campaign ad that used Lose Yourself for bed music.

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Interpol's "Twice As Hard," video premiere

Four years since their last release, New York City's favorite post-punk revivalists Interpol are finally back in the ring with El Pintor, a stunning LP that brings the group back to the minimalist grayscale magnificence of Antics (2004) and Turn On The Bright Lights (2002). Boing Boing is pleased to premiere Interpol's new video for their track "Twice as Hard," directed by Paul Banks.

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My Little Pony vinyl soundtrack

SPACELAB9 and Hasbro Studios are releasing two picture disc vinyl editions of "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic," availably only from Hot Topic.

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Pep band covers "Killing In The Name"

George Mason University’s Green Machine pep band rages against the machine. (via Devour)

Premiere: new video from SF noise pop trio El Terrible


"Last Cab" is the first video from San Francisco noise pop trio El Terrible, led by underground music veteran Terry Ashkinos (Elephone, Fake Your Own Death) with Scott Eberhardt on drums and vocals, and Adrian McCullough on bass, synth, and backing vocals.

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Pop music's 1,264 micro genres


Skweee, Laboratorio, Deep Filthstep, Chalga (see below)-- those are only four of the 1,264 micro genres of popular music identified by "data alchemist" Glenn McDonald, creator of Every Noise At Once, which I posted about last year.

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Sound It Out - new music discovery site

I was just telling Xeni last night (waiting for the doors to open to see John Hodgman and David Rees perform at Largo in West Hollywood - great show!) that my only source for finding out about new music is Pesco and my 17-year-old daughter. That's why I was happy to learn about Sound It Out, a new website co-founded by my friend (and fellow beekeeper) Amy Seidenwurm. It's got new music, overlooked chestnuts, and free MP3s.

My pick from the stuff I've listened to so far, the "fuzzy psychedelia" of Toronto's Wish:

The Jackson 5ive, the cartoon (1971)

In 1971-1972, The Jackson 5ive were cartoon characters in a Saturday morning series directed by Robert Balser who previously was animation director for Yellow Submarine and later worked on Heavy Metal. (Thanks, Lux!)

Bob Mould: gay dance parties, punk rock, state fairs


Over at Salon, punk legend Bob Mould talks to Rick Moody about rocking out in your 50s, deejaying big gay dance parties, and playing the Minnesota State Fair. I love Bob Mould.

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Star Wars sans music

Watch this Auralnauts video to see the importance of John Williams' bombastic score to Star Wars. (Thanks, Gil Kaufman!)

'Apple Watch, The Musical,' Jonathan 'Song a Day' Mann

Musician Jonathan Mann sums up what happened at the big Apple iPhone 6/6+ and Apple Watch event as only Song A Day Man can: “Apple Watch: The Musical.”

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"99 Red Balloons" played on balloons

Andrew Huang plays Nena's 1983 jam "99 Red Balloons" on actual red balloons. But not 99 of them.

Video: girls singing Georgian polyphonic music

It's part of a huge series of the same girls performing some of the loveliest music you're likely to hear.

(via Reddit)

Afghan Whigs releasing mega-reissue of Gentlemen (1993)

On October 28, my friends in the Afghan Whigs are reissuing their classic album Gentlemen packed with 21 bonus tracks, including almost all the record's unreleased demo tracks, lovingly remastered by bassist John Curley, several B-sides, and three live tracks. A deluxe triple vinyl edition will be available at your favorite independent record store on Record Store Day, November 28. I can't fucking wait.

Above, the video for the title track. Below, a 1994 clip of the Afghan Whigs doing their medley of The Supremes' "My World Is Empty Without You" and "I Hear A Symphony," which will also appear on the Gentlemen reissue! (Rolling Stone)


Listen to a track from the new Aphex Twin record 'Syro'--his first release in 13 years

A long-awaited new release from electronic music master Aphex Twin is trickling out, with today's release of a first track.

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