Reggae disco "Rapper's Delight"


Prince Blackman's "Rockers Delight" (1980) "cover" of The Sugar Hill Gang's "Rapper's Delight," listenable below, is only one of the deep groovers on the new Tropical Disco Hustle compilation of 70s and 80s tracks recorded in the Caribbean, available on CD and a much-preferred 2LP gatefold vinyl edition.

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Aerosmith debuted a single on Compuserve 20 years ago

It's been 20 years since the first major label experiment in putting music online: on Jun 27, 1994, Geffen Music put a WAV file of Aerosmith's "Head First" on Compuserve, which waived its hourly fee for people who wanted to download the track over their dial-up modems.

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Death metal band to play in soundproof, airtight box

Unfathomable ruination

Unfathomable Ruiniation will perform outside of London's Gherkin skyscraper inside a soundproofed airtight metal box, until the oxygen runs out; It's art. (The Independent, thanks Smitty!)

Mick Jagger calls the kettle black

Mick Jagger takes the piss out of Monty Python, and himself, in this promo for the comedy troupe's imminent reunion gigs:

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20syl music video (gear porn)

Video for 20syl's "Kodama," directed by Matthieu Le Dude and 20syl.

They Might Be Giants releases their "first album live" tour album as free download

They Might Be Giants have released a 47-minute, 19-track recording of their First Album Live tour for free.

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Bobby Womack, RIP

Bobby Womack, a legend of soul, died today at age 70. (CNN)

Accordion filled with meth


Police in Nogales found 4.5 pounds of meth in an accordion Monday and took an 18 year old man into custody. The drugs, said to be worth $13,000, were seized and the teenager, a Mexican citizen, was turned over the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, according to the Phoenix New Times. [Photos: U.S. Customs and Border Protection]


Doubleclicks cover TROGDOR

The Doubleclicks, our favorite nerdrocking cello heroes, have released an inspired cover of the Trogdor the Burninator themesong from Homestar Runner. The video features beautiful firespinning, though it's not clear whether they'll be bringing the firespinner with them when they tour the USA (kicks off tonight in PDX and finishes up at Gencon!).

1970s cartoon videos for The Kinks, Joni Mitchell, etc.

Over at Dangerous Minds, Richard turns us on to the late animator John David Wilson whose credits include the likes of Disney's Peter Pan, Mr. Magoo cartoons, and the opening to Grease, and also made terrifically fun cartoon music videos for The Kinks, Joni Mitchell, and others that aired in the 1970s on the Sonny and Cher Show!

Mashups of the Reading Rainbow theme

Dj BC and Big D and The Kids Table have released two versions of a mashup track in celebration of the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter. Big D give the theme a stroll/ska treatment and dj BC gives it a mashup/cut-up beat -- this is a great listen!


The Hold Steady - “Wait a While” (free MP3)

The Hold Steady

Why do I love The Hold Steady? Because they’ve been making non-stupid ROCK music for ten years. It’s miraculous that a band can deliver so many songs about heartbreak and drinking with the requisite choruses and bridges and still sound smart. Part of it is that the band has a knack for air-guitar-worthy riffs, but it’s really singer/songwriter Craig Finn’s storytelling that sets The Hold Steady apart. Craig’s also possessed of a unique charisma on stage - check out the band on tour in the U.S and Europe from now through October for an undeniably fun and sweaty time.

The new Hold Steady record is called Teeth Dreams and I’ve been dying to share my favorite song “Wait a While” with you for months. It’s a deceptively simple gem that you’ll want on your summer playlist. I personally would slug nearly any man who called me “little girl,” but somehow Craig Finn can get away with it and even get me to sing along. Download it below.

Bob Mould: An Old Punk Kicks New Ass

Punk legend Bob Mould of Hüsker Dü and Sugar shares three decades of songs and stories with Boing Boing in an exclusive video interview and performance.

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Message In A Bottle, isolated bass

Listen to Sting's isolated bass track from The Police's "Message In A Bottle." (Big Picture Music Production Blog, via John Curley)

"Whole Lotta Love" on a dulcimer

Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love" on a dulcimer. Majestic!

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