Heavy metal guitarist turns Kenneth Copeland sermon into a sick hard rock banger

Kenneth Copeland is one of the more notorious fire-and-brimstone MegaChurch millionaire con-artists of today. So guitarist Andre Antunes just did the logical thing: took one of the man's hellfire speeches and set it to a heavy metal song.

Here's the lyrics, if you want to scream along:

In the Name of Jesus, standing in the office of the prophet of God,
I execute judgment on you COVID-19.

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Right-wing outrage songified

Election reaction on the right comes in such gloriously unbridled cadence that the Gregory Brothers made a song out of it. This mashup features all those you would expect: Paula White-Cain, Kenneth Copeland, Rudy, Tucker Carlson, Michelle Bachmann, and other outspoken characters. — Read the rest

Watching these 2 megapreachers defend their private jets is a more effective emetic than syrup of ipecac

Do you need to void the contents of your stomach quickly? Watch this conversation between televangelists Kenneth Copeland (reported net worth $300 million) and Jesse Duplantis (reported net worth $50 million), in which they explain that they reason men of God require private jets is because they can't stand up and have a conversation with God on a commercial plane. — Read the rest

Megachurch televangelists lay hands on Donald Trump, ask Jesus to vote for him

GOP presidential candidate and noted scumbag Donald Trump met with a bunch of televangelists, Tea Party "teavangelicals," and preacher profiteers at his Trump Tower office Monday afternoon.

The elite group, which included some megachurch chiefs who have previously been investigated by the federal government for misuse of donations, prayed while performing the "laying on of hands" to infuse him with the Holy Spirit. — Read the rest