"Eleanor Rigby" but all the notes are E or F and it haunts your nightmares

How do you take a song that's already brooding and spooky, and turn it into something infinitaly creepier? Read the rest

Autotuned cat and dog

There's finally a good use for autotuning; use it to enhance your pet's vocals.

Animator Joaquin Baldwin (previously on BB) did just that. He autotuned his cat Elton using an app called Voloco. It's really funny!

Elton's not the only pet who got autotuned. In fact, it seems it may have started with a howling dog named paco:

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Dolly Parton sings a song live at both 45 and 78 record speeds

On her 1976 variety show, Dolly Parton sang "Do I Ever Cross Your Mind," then performed it again as if it went from a 45 rpm record to a 78. Read the rest

After autotune accusation, singer Adele tells producer Tony Visconti to "suck my dick"

Producer Tony Visconi insinuated that British singer Adele, whose voice has sold more than 100m records, used digital trickery to hit the hard notes. Read the rest

Autotuned Mr Rogers tribute

Robbo sez, "John Boswell is well know for making cool musical concoctions with auto-tuned scientists explaining the glory and wonder of the natural universe - the Symphony of Science. Now he's teamed up with PBS to craft this tribute to Mister Rogers and apparently this is just the first of a series they plan on making."

This is a wonderful piece, and very true to Mr Rogers' sincere and gentle affect.

Mister Rogers Remixed | Garden of Your Mind | PBS Digital Studios

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