Our long national NECCO nightmare may soon be over

Since 1847, non-discerning Americans have been eating slices of flavored chalk branded as NECCO wafers. With the company possibly closing soon, they're panic buying the inedible grim-tasting "candy" to torture one last round of guests or trick-or-treaters with their terrible taste in candy. Read the rest

Ingenious chalk drawings that "talk"

Greg Dietzenbach added some digital magic to his chalk drawings at last weekend's Chalk the Walk festival in Mount Vernon, Iowa.

"There were a lot of amazing artists but I wanted to do something different," Dietzenbach says. "I wanted people to participate with my art."

(via Laughing Squid)

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How to draw dotted lines on a chalkboard

Former MIT physics professor Walter Lewin (who the university ultimately fired for sexual harassment) was a master of the chalkboard. Video below. Inspired by Lewin's skills, Mike Boyd explains how to draw dotted lines on a chalkboard.

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Amazing 3D chalk art of Darth Vader

This is what 3D chalk artist Chris Carlson did over the weekend. Here's the side view, followed by more work by the Denver, Colorado-based master of anamorphosis. (via r/pics)

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Fantastic Street Fighter chalk art animation

Chalk artist Chris Carlson created a fantastic 3D mural of Street Fighter that comes to life.

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Get high-end Fulltouch blackboard chalk from Japan before it disappears forever

The Blackwing of chalks, Fulltouch is beloved of mathematicians who despair now that the manufacturer, Hagoromo, is out of business.

Gizmodo's Sarah Zhang explains this legendary … chalk.

The first thing you notice is a shiny, clear coating on the outside — it feels like a thin layer of enamel. That sounds like a minor design element, but it cuts down on the biggest annoyance with chalk: dusty fingers.

Academics are breathless with awe at this incredible … chalk. Satyan Devadoss, a Williams College math professor, writes of the "Dream chalk."

There have been rumors about a dream chalk, a chalk so powerful that mathematics practically writes itself; a chalk so amazing that no incorrect proof can be written using this chalk. I can finally say, after months of pursuit, that such a chalk indeed exists.

I have just bought a $60 box of chalk.

I do not own a blackboard.

Hagoromo Fulltouch White Chalk 72pcs [Amazon referral link]

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Lego army invades Chalkfestival to "Free" Ego Leonard

"Free Ego," a chalk painting designed by Leon Keer, was inspired by Chinese Emperor Qin Shi Huang's Terracotta Army "in honor of the arrival of Ego Leonard and to support his release out of his custody." [Submitted by Planet Chalkpainting] Read the rest