Fair food fix: California county fair hosts drive-thru events

The Marin County Fair in San Rafael, California is closed due to COVID restrictions but that isn't stopping them from offering deep-fried everything (and more!) at two special drive-thru events. On the weekends of July 10-12 and 17-19, from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., they'll be serving "giant corndogs, three flavors of funnel cake, cotton candy, candy apples, caramel apples, churros, kettle corn, caramel corn, lemonade, strawberry lemonade, and more" to properly masked customers in vehicles.

The menu will be made available on the fair’s Instagram and Facebook pages.

The fair food booths will be in the parking lot of the Marin Veterans' Memorial Auditorium facing Civic Center Drive. To order food, customers will line up in their cars on Avenue of the Flags and be directed through the parking lot, where they will be greeted by an employee who will take their order and collect payment. To ensure the safety of guests and staff, customers will be asked to remain in their vehicles; the process will be much like a restaurant drive-through experience.

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Deep-fried filet mignon, spaghetti donuts, and "unicorn-specific" foods debut at the San Diego County Fair

The San Diego County Fair, the largest one in the United States with an estimated 1.6M visitors annually, is known for its quirky, over-the-top vendor food. This organizers of this year's fair themed it "How sweet it is" and asked its vendors to come up with at least one rainbow-colored "unicorn-specific" dish.

One vendor took the unicorn-food challenge and created these cotton candy ice cream sandwiches:

Yes, those are Fruity Pebbles.

San Diego Union-Tribune podcasters Abby Hamblin and Luis Gomez humorously rated the taste of five of the fair's more unusual food offerings:

Deep-fried filet mignon:

[Abby] This dish wins the award for ugliest presentation with the best taste...

Not an actual donut (sad face)

Spaghetti donut:

[Luis] This dish was exactly what I had imagined, which is just a bunch of pasta shaped as a doughnut. It’s not fried. And it tasted just as I imagined, just pasta. It wasn’t disappointing, but it wasn’t totally exciting either...

Lasagna nachos:

[Abby] This was my favorite of the day. It tastes like pasta but feels like a nacho...

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The fair is open now through July 4 at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.

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