Send inner-home post cards to fellow family shut-ins

Our friend, Lea Redmond, she of the World's Smallest Post Service, has a number of fun little Print + Play paper projects on her website. One of them is a set of printable inner-home post cards: "Greeting from the couch," "...from the yard," "...from the corner of the room," etc. Six cards in all.

These might keep your kids occupied for at least several precious minutes. Read the rest

Teach shut-in children the joys of pyro with homemade fire snakes

Crazed, cooped up children, tightly-wound parents at their wit's end, lighter fluid, baking soda, and burning sugar -- what could go wrong?

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Coronavirus home isolation, Day 10: 'Feeding the ducks'

You do what you gotta do to get through this, people. Whatever it takes. Read the rest