Departing Kotaku writers post a farewell message to their private equity asshole boss: "Sup dude. Suck it."

Jim Spanfeller (previously) is the private equity monster whose mismanagement of various former Gizmodo sites (notably Gawker, Splinter and Deadspin) has generated endless bad press from his own employees, who have doggedly reported on every single demand that they shut up and suck it up, has now been publicly condemned in the pages of yet another of his publications -- this time, it's the gaming site Kotaku. Read the rest

Retro Game Master

Kotaku is celebrating old-school gaming with a retrospective series of newly-dubbed TV shows, Retro Game Master, presented by Shinya Arino. New episodes "air" on Thursdays, and the choices are a refreshing step beyond the standard A-list classics: The Mystery of Atlantis, Clock Tower, Solomon's Key and Mighty Bomb Jack. You can catch up at the archive. Read the rest