Beautiful gardens in the back of Japanese mini pickup trucks

The Japan Federation of Landscape Contractors' Kei Truck Garden Contest challenges people to transform the beds of their miniature pickup trucks into lovely mobile gardens. From Spoon & Tamago:

Other than using the kei truck there are very few limitations and landscapers have incorporated everything from benches and aquariums to elements of lighting into their designs. Judges then rank the entries based on planning, expression, design, execution and environment.

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Muir Beach, October 11, 2015

As shot.

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Soak up the atmosphere in these short mood pieces

Designer Connor Sherlock's work can immerse you in atmospheric spaces in no time at all. These eerie, moody pieces are so enthralling you often forget about the video gamey bits.

Create a whole landscape from your own webcam

Of course, when I turned the webcam on at first, it was pointing at me, and I found myself wandering into a swollen-cheeked land where some cloud formation of my own face, eyes slowly blinking, constituted the sky.