Metallica covers Prince's 'When Doves Cry,' unfortunately

Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett and bassist Robert Trujillo were in Prince's hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota earlier this week. To pay tribute to The Purple One, they played a metal rendition of his 1984 Purple Rain hit "When Doves Cry." I have to agree with what The Awesomer writes, "The whole thing is pretty cringey, but it’s worth watching for its sheer novelty."

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A dildo-drumstick cover of Metallica's 'Enter Sandman'

Ever thought of whipping out two thick fleshy dildos and banging out a drum cover of Metallica's hit "Enter Sandman"?

Well, don't kill the messenger but, YouTuber 66Samus has beat you to it. Watch him rock out with his, er, cocks out in this rousing video he shared Tuesday

Commenter Gear Gods quips, "Now we know what it was that entered the sandman."

Ba-dum tss...

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Metallica and The Roots play "Enter Sandman" on toy and classroom instruments

On The Tonight Show last night, Metallica, promoting their new album " Self-Destruct," played their old ditty "Enter Sandman" in an entirely new way. We're off to never never land.

James Hetfield - Vocals, Toy clarinet Jimmy Fallon - Vocals, Bass Drum, Casio Keyboard, Kazoo Lars Ulrich - Fisher Price Drum, Toy Cymbals Kirk Hammett - Melodica Robert Trujillo - Baby Electric Axe Questlove - Hand Clappers, Kazoo Kamal Gray - Xylophone James Poyser - Melodica Captain Kirk - Ukulele Tuba Gooding Jr. - Kazoo, Banana Shaker, Apple Shaker Mark Kelley - Kazoo Frank Knuckles - Bongos Black Thought - Tambourine, Brown Hat

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