IHOP appears to be changing its name to IHOb

An unusual set of tweets from the official IHOP account suggests that the pancake house chain is going to be changing their name to IHOb. They haven't revealed what the "b" stands for but will on Monday, June 11, the day the name change is supposed to go into effect.

USA Today quotes IHOP’s executive director of communications, Stephanie Peterson, as saying, "We're serious about the quality of food and our menu, and this name change really reflects that."

Ok then.

photo by Mike Mozart

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Quiz: pancake or moon?

Pancakes are delicious, and they can also look a lot like moons, as proven in Alternative Moons by Nadine Schlieper and Robert Pufleb. I tried my hand at making a few lunar flapjacks and gathering up some mouthwatering moons. Answers in the comments! Read the rest

Drone video: IHOP parking lot collapses, swallowing cars

An underground drain failed in Meridian, Mississippi, causing an IHOP parking lot to collapse. Patrons were given extra blueberry syrup as a consolation. (Not really.) Read the rest

Cephalopod pancakes

By pancake artist Nathan Shields, whose other creations we've previously featured. Read the rest

Push button, receive pancake

Because the human brain is easily impressed with gadgetry, I give you an automatic pancake-making machine—as photographed by my friend Shav, who received his breakfast from it this morning.

A similar system showed up on Engadget back in 2009. That model cost $3500 and could produce pancakes, bag-of-batter to golden deliciousness, at a rate of 200 per hour.

Thanks to Keith for finding the Engadget link!

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AT-AT Walker made of pancakes

Jim, the resident genius at Jim's Pancakes, has made an AT-AT Walker OUT OF PANCAKES! PANCAKES!

Total time to create it was about 15 minutes, mostly because it took a while to get the legs “crispy” enough to hold up the body. From there, I placed the parts back on the griddle and used more pancake batter as “glue”. If you let the parts sit on low heat for long enough, the batter eventually cooks through and makes a nice strong connection.

And hey, lookit that, Jim's got a book coming out on making pancake art!

Star Wars Pancakes!

(via Craft)

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