Hunter caught killing an illegal deer tries to blame his wife

Reminiscent of the Trumpkin congressman who blamed his wife for his illegal campaign expenses, we've now got a hunter who's pointing his trigger finger at his wife for his illegal killing of a deer.

When the Michigan hunter was caught with an illegal spike horn buck, he at first tried to deny it. But when a conservation officer cornered him, saying there was a witness to the deer shooting, he hung his head and blamed his wife, saying, "The honest-to-God truth is that my wife wants deer meat and if I come home without any she’ll get really mad at me.”

The hunter was forced to hand over the deer corpse, which he had stashed behind a house, and "enforcement action was taken,” according to CBS.

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UK Tories say they'll exploit Manchester's dead to ban working crypto in the UK

One of UK Prime Minister Theresa May's government ministers told a reporter from The Sun that the government is planning on invoking the "Technical Capabilities Orders" section of the Snoopers Charter, a 2016 domestic spying bill; the "orders" allow the government to demand that companies cease using working cryptography in their products and services, substituting it with deliberately defective code that can be broken. Read the rest