Vintage Hallowe'en graphics tights

The tights feature black cats, spooky moons and bat silhouettes -- they'd go great with the grotesque Monster Mash party dress.

Papercraft R2-D2 dreidel

The downloadable PDF pattern for making your own droidel comes from Bonnie Burton's excellent Star Wars Craft Book.

Wrongly convicted man released from US prison after 39 years

Jose writes, "A 12 year old child was forced by the police to give false testimony against three black teens in 1975; the last two men have just been released from prison. I was moved to tears by both the terrible injustice and the way one of these men, Ricky Jackson, spoke out without any sign of hatred."

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Lego's egalitarian instructions from the 1970s

B3CBAMFCMAAzkMa.jpg-large This is going around the 'net like lightning. It's wonderful, but is it real? How likely is it that Lego would have used a proportional Times-esque typeface--with such sloppy layout--in the early 1970s? Here it is compared to one cut of Times New Roman, which is very similar (including that flat serif atop the p) tnrce

And on the other side, faintly visible through the paper! fdhdfh

Update: Convincing evidence of its authenticity, courtesy of BB reader walt74. cata_german_1974_008

Bible: tl;dr edition

Cabbagetroll's masterful summary of the Bible (both testaments) on Reddi's /r/Christianity really captures the books' spirit.

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E-cigs and malware: real threat or Yellow Peril 2.0?

After a redditor claimed to have gotten a computer virus from factory-installed malware on an e-cig charger, the Guardian reported out the story and concluded that it's possible.

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Ask for Evidence


What can we do when politicians, advertisers and journalists make misleading claims which fly in the face of evidence? Last year here at Sense About Science we launched a campaign (as featured on BoingBoing) to get more people asking for evidence – for the claims make by politicians, companies, NGOs or anyone else. Never assume that someone, somewhere has checked the numbers or looked at the evidence before making a claim. It could be advice on parenting, governmental guidance on healthcare, policies on improving education or cutting crime, or advertising for products. Some of this information is based on reliable evidence and sound science – but much of it is not.

The Ask for Evidence campaign has already seen claims being withdrawn, individuals apologising and huge companies changing the way they do things for the better. From leisure centres agreeing to check the evidence on all their advertising, to retail chains revising staff training, from a chain of juice bars correcting its advertising to health department rules on prescriptions – individuals are making a difference by doing something as simple as asking for evidence.

We were taken by surprise with the numbers of people wanting to take part, and realised we had to up our game. So this month, with support from the Wellcome Trust, we’ve launched a new online tool that lets anyone ask for the evidence directly, share their experiences with others, and get help from us and experts with the responses they get.

If politicians, NGOs, journalists and companies want us to vote for them, donate to them, believe them or buy their products then they should all be prepared to provide the evidence to support their claims. And to hold them to account – we need to be the ones to ask for evidence. Stand up for evidence and make sure people know you're doing it by asking for evidence online.

Visit Ask for Evidence and get asking.

CPU Wars 2.0: expanded top trumps with processors

Harry writes, "Ever since launching CPU WARS Volume 1.0 people had been asking me for more CPUs and gameplay. After a lot of work and research we have finally done it! CPU WARS Volume 2.0 - The Battle of the Servers has now launched!

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Handbook for fighting climate-denialism

From 2011, Skeptical Science's excellent Debunking Handbook, a short guide for having discussions about climate change denial that tries to signpost the common errors that advocates of the reality of anthropogenic global warming make when talking to people who disbelieve.

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Dad hurls chair at judge after light sentence handed to driver who killed his daughter

A judge failed to throw to book at a driver who killed a child, so the child's father threw a chair at her. From RTL Nieuws, translated automatically:

The father of a two year old girl who was killed last year in Meijel has thrown a chair to the court out of frustration.

The incident took place when the court in Roermond the cause of the accident, a 33-year-old Polish man, sentenced to community service of 120 hours. Check out the images rotated by the regional station L1.

The chair came just before the right to the ground. The father was put out of the courtroom by the police.

The accident, including the grandfather (67) and grandmother (64) of the child were killed, occurred last May in a gentle curve to the Heldense Dijk Meijel.

The court considered it proven that the man had his car out of control, went swinging and eventually ended up on a bike and rode the victims death. Unproven find the court that he has a lot of driving too fast.

The prosecutor, who had two weeks ago demanded fifteen months, has appealed. That protects the police investigation gives the impression that the man has certainly driven 120 kilometers. Spot a maximum speed of 80 kilometers per hour applies.

120 hours of community service! I got in more trouble for making "wine" in a cistern at school when I was 14.

[via Reddit]


Gates Foundation mandates open access for all the research it funds

Effective January 17, all research funded in whole or in part by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation must be published in journals that are immediately free-to-access, under a Creative Commons Attribution-only license.

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Hitler painting could be yours

HITLER-PAINTING A rare Hitler is up for auction and is expected to fetch at least $60,000 when the hammer falls at Nuremberg’s Weidler auction house. Purchased in 1916, the watercolor depicts Munich's old city hall and is currently owned by two elderly sisters. The 11x8.5" work includes an original bill of sale and a letter confirming, in the 1940s, that it was an authentic Adolf Hitler painting; the artist had by then moved on to a career in politics and achieved a measure of public notability.

Photo: REUTERS/Kai Pfaffenbach

Snowpocalypse 2014 in photos: Wow, much snows. Many cold.

Tom Wilczak shovels snow from the roof of his home following a storm in Buffalo, New York November 20, 2014.   REUTERS/Aaron Lynett

Tom Wilczak shovels snow from the roof of his home following a storm in Buffalo, New York November 20, 2014. REUTERS/Aaron Lynett

Western New York is buried in much of the snows. Here are photos. At least 8 people have died due to the intense wintry blasts burying Buffalo and neighboring areas in layers of cold.

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Blood-thieving bandits mistakenly steal samples infected with Ebola

Ebola Virus at 108,000 Magnification. The Los Angeles bus passenger is not believed to have actually contained this virus within his person.

Ebola Virus at 108,000 Magnification. The Los Angeles bus passenger is not believed to have actually contained this virus within his person.

Bandits in Guinea robbed a taxi and ran off with blood samples believed to be infected with the deadly Ebola virus.

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Abandonware heroes

2 Gizmodo's Kate Knibbs reports on people who do the hard work of recovering and restoring forgotten games, so that they may be remembered—and, Heaven forbid, played again.