The Rover by Drew Magary

The Rover (Kindle Single) Drew Magary lead us on a wild chase, that doesn't end well, when The Rover crashes to earth. This Kindle Single is a fast paced adventure that had me to wondering what I'd do if an alien robot landed in my backyard.

Armie is a bored old man shocked back to life when something crashes in his backyard. It doesn't look like it was made on Earth and it seems to be communicating with him. As government helicopters converge on his home, Armie decides this moment is important and he is going to live it right.

Drew Magary has entertained us before, and this short story doesn't disappoint.

The Rover, a Kindle Single by Drew Magary

Caucasians T-shirt mocking Cleveland Indians

Available at Shelf Life Clothing

One cop in Seattle issues 80% of city's marijuana tickets

An internal investigation revealed that the officer "flipped a coin when contemplating which subject to cite," and that he called Washington's legal marijuana law "silly."

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Scientists track the origins of a ship buried under the World Trade Center


In 2010, construction crews found the hull of a very old ship, buried at the site of the World Trade Center towers. Using dendrochronology, scientists now know how old the ship is and what city it was made in.

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The business of denim repair

PJ Vogt: "most jeans, if they fail, fail in the crotch."

The CIA lied: agency admits it hacked Senate computers to snoop on torture investigations

CIA Director John Brennan.

CIA Director John Brennan.

After months of lying to lawmakers and the American public, the CIA today finally admitted it hacked into the Senate staffers' computers to monitor their investigations of the intelligence agency's post-9/11 programs of harsh interrogation (we prefer to just call it torture) and a global network of secret prisons.

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Dinosaur comics: Turn viral level to 11!


Dinosaur Comics examines love and virality. See the whole strip here.

NSA notably uninvited to speak at Vegas hacker conferences this year

NSA Director Adm. Michael Rogers [REUTERS]

NSA Director Adm. Michael Rogers [REUTERS]

It's Las Vegas hacker convention season: Black Hat kicks off Aug. 2-7, and Def Con runs Aug. 7-10. This time around, National Security Agency leadership will be absent from the speaking rosters, in contrast with previous years.

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29 Sumo wrestlers on a plane


The Hakkaku Stable sumo wrestler organization tweeted these photos of wrestlers flying to a training camp in Japan’s Shimane Prefecture.

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Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book graphic novel!


Celebrate Neil Gaiman's Newbery Medal Winner The Graveyard Book with a Two-Volume Graphic Novel Adaptation.

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A very brief history of pier fires in England

These monuments to Victorian decrepitude dot the shores of England. They go up in smoke with alarming regularity, writes Rob Beschizza.

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Paleontology on the Moon

An experiment on Earth suggests that it might be possible to find microscopic fossils on the Moon.

How Ebola works


The MicrobeWiki has a really detailed explanation of the biological mechanisms behind an Ebola infection. It gets a little technical in places, but it's a good read if you've ever wondered how the virus creates hemorrhaging and why it's hard to treat.

One of the reasons that Ebola is so deadly is that it has multiple ways of interfering with or avoiding the human immune system. While the virus is busy destroying the human body, the immune system is either still in the process of discovering that there is a problem, or is in such disarray that it would be next to impossible to mobilize a unified effort to fight off the invader.

Humans are eating a scaly anteater into extinction


Never underestimate omnivores with a penchant for animal-based traditional medicine.

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