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Illustrator is drawing every item in his late grandfather's tool shed


Artist Lee John Phillips has begun to lovingly draw the over 100,000 items housed in his late grandfather's toolshed. He plans to catalog every single tool, part, gadget, and bit of hardware over the course of the next five years.


I adore old tools and hardware, and I find that his illustration style is wonderful at capturing their essence. I'll be following along on his Instagram page, and would certainly purchase a print edition should he make one available (hint, hint).


Artist Celebrates Late Grandfather by Drawing the 100,000+ Items in His Tool Shed (Thanks, Oh Soon!)

Virgin Galactic crash blamed on “single human error”

The National Transportation Safety Board's acting chairman, Christopher Hart, second from left, visits the scene of the SpaceShipTwo crash with pilot Todd Ericson, second from right, and NTSB investigators near Cantil, Calif., on Nov. 1, 2014. (NTSB)

The National Transportation Safety Board's acting chairman, Christopher Hart, second from left, visits the scene of the SpaceShipTwo crash with pilot Todd Ericson, second from right, and NTSB investigators near Cantil, Calif., on Nov. 1, 2014. (NTSB)

Federal safety officials say the maker of Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo, Scaled Composites, is at fault for not anticipating the copilot error that caused the spaceship's disintegration during a test flight nine months ago.

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Dan Pauly's charming Storybook style shacks

I love Storybook architecture, so Dan Pauley's whimsical shacks appeal to me.

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How will Sarah Palin fund her lavish lifestyle as her PAC cash dwindles?

So called "leadership PACs" run by past and current elected officials are little more than slop troughs for politicians to poke their snouts into. And Sarah Palin's SarahPAC is no exception. Slate published a list of SaraPAC's recent expenditures:

  • $230,250 on consultants, including $80,500 to longtime aide and PAC treasurer Timothy Crawford
  • $139,932 on direct mail, produced by conservative fundraising firm HSP Direct
  • $128,482 on postage, printing, and related supplies
  • $82,213 on travel and accommodations, including airfare, hotels, car and SUV rentals, travel agents, and taxis. The Waldorf Astoria in New York City ($4,562) and Venetian Resort Hotel Casino in Las Vegas ($797) were two particularly pricy line items. The $3,854 SarahPAC paid a New York–based limousine company came on Feb. 19, right after Palin appeared at the staging of Saturday Night Live’s 40th anniversary special, where she sat in the audience next to musician Taylor Swift.
  • $48,000 on speech writing, mostly to Aries Petra Consulting, a small limited liability company registered in Virginia and based in Los Angeles
  • $37,354 on Internet fundraising through Austin, Texas–based Harris Media LLC, which works for numerous conservative politicians

Less than 4% of SarahPAC's overall expenditures went to candidate contributions, even though the PAC's appeals for funds makes a big deal about how contributions will be used to “fight against the liberals like Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders,” or “stop the illegal invasion,” or help “defund and investigate Planned Parenthood.”

Unfortunately for Sarah Palin, her gravy train is grinding to a halt. Fox News did not renew her commentator contract in June, the subscription-based Sarah Palin Channel online video site ($99.95 a year) is shutting down this week, and the SarahPAC bank account is at a low-water mark. Again, from Slate:

While SarahPAC’s $562,000 cash-on-hand figure is better than what most political committees could boast, it’s the PAC’s lowest total since mid-2009, the year Palin founded the operation. Since late 2009, SarahPAC has almost always carried more than $1 million on its books and never less than $800,000.

What scheme will this small-town Lonesome Rhodes hustler cook up next so she can keep riding in limos and staying in fancy hotel suites?

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Hand-crank lantern, flashlight, USB charger ($15)


This combination flashlight/lantern/USB charger will reward you with 15 minutes of light for for each minute you pleasure it by turning its crank. Amazon has it on sale for $15.


Hunter S. Thompson talks with Studs Terkel about the Hells Angels (1967)

“I keep my mouth shut now. I’ve turned into a professional coward.” - Hunter S. Thompson in 1967. This is from PBS's excellent "Blank on Blank" series of animated interviews. It is nice to hear Thompson annunciate his words so clearly and crisply. The times I attended his speaking events in the 1980s, he sounded like his mouth was full of pebbles. [via]

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100 Years of Beauty - Episode 10: Germany

Episode 10 of the "100 Years of Beauty" series looks at German hairstyles and make up from the 1910s to the 2010s.

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US dentist blamed for killing beloved lion in Zimbabwe

Cecil the lion and his alleged killer, Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer.

Cecil the lion and his alleged killer, Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer.

Cecil the Lion, a much-loved lion who lived in a nature reserve in Zimbabwe, was recently killed by a human.

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TV reporter confronts his alleged identity thief

Steve Noviello, a reporter for Dallas-Fort Worth’s Fox 4 News, learned that someone had checked into his hotel using his credit card number. He called the cops then rushed over to the hotel to confront, Farah Parks, the woman who allegedly used his credit card information to book the room for three days.

The card had the woman's name on it, but Noviello's credit card number. The card was likely to have been manufactured by a criminal enterprise with sophisticated equipment.

Parks remains in Collin County jail on charges of credit card or debit card abuse, records show.

Noviello said Parks used her name on the card to avoid needing Noviello’s information. She allegedly entered his credit card number in manually, knowing her faulty card would fail to swipe.

Parks allegedly racked up hundreds of dollars in charges, although Noviello did not detail exactly how many.


Watch: Clinton's amusing parody of GOP climate change deniers

Starring the lot of GOP 2016 contenders, Hillary adds a bit of entertainment to her campaign with this parody of climate change deniers in the form of a classic monster movie.


Jedi Chipmunks

Jedi and Sith chipmunks take the force to a whole new level. [h/t David Mizejewski]

Play it now: Claw Champion Earth


Oh, claw machines. Those playful, enticing toy bins we've fairly recently learned are definitely rigged to routinely thwart your desire for a new fluffy friend. Even if you study this wonderful WikiHow guide to winning crane games ("if you haven't won, repeat the process to try again"), the claw machine seems fundamentally destined to break your heart.

Until now. Plenty of video games cast you as the cool young arcade champion on the block, but never before has the cool arcade been a claw machine. In Claw Champion Earth, you battle other kids in a game of frantic, duelling prize-grabs that manage to capture everything you like about claw machines, and also everything you don't like about them, except it's still fun.


It's simple to play: You and another Claw Kid, played by the computer, swing your spindly claw arms in frantic, urgent competiton, trying to grab the most prizes from the machine. What makes it really fun is that your prize, or your opponent's, can get stuck in the PRIZE AREA, meaning if you're fast enough you can swing over and pluck something right out of their winner's chute. You end up grasping hopefully for toys, whispering the same kind of no-no-no-come-on-rrgh-yes-yes-yes mantra you might mutter at the shrine of a real machine.

Claw Champion Earth, by From Smiling, was made in 72 hours for a jam called #indiesvsgamers and is free to download.

Onion launches a spot-on parody of VICE TV

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 10.16.39 AM

Nailed it. Follow them at @edgetv on Twitter.

“Uncaged, Unaccountable, Fucked Up. EDGE Atrocity Tip Line: 1-877-777-8192.” Starts August 3.


Come see me tonight in Seattle!

I'm reading from the novel I just finished (Utopia) and then being interviewed by Geekwire's Frank Catalano.

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Magician, author, and Weekend of Wonder guest Andrew Mayne doing a Twitter Q&A today


Andrew Mayne, star of A&E's Don't Trust Andrew Mayne and a guest at our upcoming Weekend of Wonder, is doing a Twitter Q&A today starting at 3PM EST. You can use the hashtag #AskAndrew, and ask him about his books, magic, and awesome monkey walking imitation.

Unknown See Andrew Mayne, magician, TV show star, novelist, and inventor, at Boing Boing's three-day extravaganza, the Weekend of Wonder, running Sept. 18-20. A weekend of workshops, tech demons and wild performances, there'll be plenty of fun surprises!



Interview with Andrew Mayne about his favorite tools on Cool Tools.

Cooking rice in a coffee pot flushes out arsenic

Rice contains more of the carcinogen arsenic than other grains, but researchers at Queen’s University Belfast, UK found that cooking rice in a simple coffee pot removed about half the arsenic.

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Help kickstart L.A.'s Big Art Church

L.A.'s Big Art Church, a studio, gallery, school and performance venue, is just getting going! Naturally, it needs our help!

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