Retro game fonts

spac Patrick H Lauke, AKA Redux, recreates fonts from classic arcade and computer games.

When Prince passed on "We Are The World"


“He’d buy ice cream cones and wore sneakers,” says The Revolution keyboard player Wendy Coleman of Prince's Purple Rain days, “but the next minute, he’d be like ‘Hey, muthafuckas — ’ ” “He’d be fucking George Jefferson. And you’d be like, ‘Oh, God.’”

Over at Cuepoint, a great excerpt from Alan Light's forthcoming book, "Let's Go Crazy: Prince and the Making of Purple Rain."

Make your own geometrical papercraft mask

Wintercroft's Etsy storefront is full of beautiful, downloadable plans for making geometrical animal- and horror-masks from recycled cardboard boxes. It's a great, simple way to make the perfect Hallowe'en costume.

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Alvin Stardust, 1942-2014

1414060559583_Image_galleryImage_FEMAIL_SCANNED_BY_PCD_FOR In that weird liminal Britspace between glam rock and parody, he was a great. Alvin Stardust was due a comeback -- his first studio album in decades is due out in weeks, according to the BBC -- but will not be with us to enjoy it.

This 1974 performance of My Coo Ca Choo, on BBC1's Top of the Pops, is your primer.

Dino Deinocheirus Deemed Derpy


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Hitler coffee creamer for people who like theirs even whiter

B0iCeMvCEAACU_r.jpg-large "Migros, Switzerland’s largest grocery and cafe retail chain, is apologizing after consumers discovered images of Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini on their coffee creamer packages."

Ikea Halloween ad sets The Shining in a store at night

The terrifying symmetries of an Ikea warehouse are the setting for this sinister recasting of The Shining's most famous steadycam scene.

High winds blow waterfall back up

The River Kinder, in England's peak district, meets such high winds the flow is blasted back into the plateau. On better days, the Kinder Downfall drops 80 ft. Wikipedia:
Although usually little more than a trickle in summer, in spate conditions it is impressive. In certain wind conditions (notably when there is a strong west wind), the water is blown back on itself, and the resulting cloud of spray can be seen from several miles away. The Pennine Way crosses the River Kinder above Kinder Downfall.
waterfall-2 waterfall [via Reddit and This is Colossal]

Dyson Humidifier


The pitch: it kills bacteria, instead of breeding it, and adjusts automatically to maintain a specific relative humidity in the room. Also, it looks cool.

Silicon Valley's outsourced moderator army

Adrian Chen reports on the campuses abroad where people are paid a few hundred dollars a month to "determine what Americans find offensive." [Wired]

Fabian Oefner's ferrofluidic cover for Guster's new album

Watch artist Fabian Oefner manipulating ferrofluid (magnetized liquid) and watercolors into a stunning psychedelic pattern that appears on the cover of alt.pop trio Guster's forthcoming album Evermotion.

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Transcontinental train ride about the future of food

This summer, my pal Sarah Smith at Institute for the Future took a ten-day transcontinental train trip to explore the future of food systems and wrote about it at National Geographic. In this piece, she profiles how the train's chefs, who considered the experience a “renegade culinary adventure," experimented with waste management, local sourcing, daily food practices, and decadence.

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Buildings as a font


Art director Yousuke Ozawa created "Satellite Fonts" sourced from Google Earth images of letter-shaped buildings.

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Mein Führer, I can walk!

I finally hit on the idea of going as Dr. Strangelove for Halloween. I already had the 50s slim-cut suit, the glasses, the cigarette, the black leather glove. All I really needed was a blonde wig. By Gareth Branwyn’s

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Taste test: roadkill raccoon

Last weekend, Janica and Joel picked up six roadkill raccoons and a feral cat on a round-trip to Courtenay. It was Thanksgiving weekend. They made raccoon burgers, served the cat up stuffed, and tucked the rest away in the freezer. By Reanna Alder

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