New memoir from David J (Bauhaus, Love and Rockets)

Bauhaus and Love and Rockets bassist David J has a new memoir due out in the fall! Here are some details about the book, titled Who Killed Mister Moonlight?: Bauhaus, Black Magick, and Benediction:

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Photos of rotting WWII sea-forts

Salim writes, "James Creedy hitched a ride with Project Red-Sands to take this set of photos from a these WWII era sea-forts."

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Tour schedule for XKCD "What If?" book

Randall Munroe will take his hotly anticipated book, What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions, on the road in September: Boston, NYC, SEA, SFO, Berkeley and LA!

Blogging History: Expiring 3DP patents; Cat burglar in my street; 9/11 commission report published

One year ago today
Get ready for the big bang as 3D printing patents expire: The key patents covering a 3D printing technique called "laser sintering" are set to expire in the next year or two -- there are a bunch of them, so they'll trickle out -- and this will radically reduce the price of printing and printers.

Five years ago today
Cat burglar falls off three-storey building across from my bedroom window: At 5AM today -- about an hour ago -- just as my alarm went off, someone in the street below started shouting CALL POLICE! CALL POLICE! I grabbed my phone and went to the window, and saw a man in the street, shouting and looking up at the third-story roof of the office building across the street.

Ten years ago today
9/11 commission report: How to get a copy online or in hard copy: The U.S. Government Printing Office offers hard copy, if you prefer.

Sixth grade science project surprises conservationists


Lionfish have become an invasive challenge along the southern Atlantic coast of the United States. Lauren Arrington's science fair project demonstrated that invasive lionfish can survive in water far less saline than previously thought.

From Uncover California:

When Lauren started to study the lionfish for her sixth grade science fair, she did not know that her discovery would one day overwhelm conservationists. She started to study the creature with the help of her father, who has a Ph.D. in fish ecology. She initially thought that lionfish would not be able to survive in water with salinity less than 12 parts per 1,000. This level of salinity is one-third of the ocean salinity.

Lauren reduced the salinity beyond that and reached to six parts per 1,000. She was surprised to find that the fish was doing really well. However, Lauren decided not to further reduce the salinity, fearing that might kill the fish. North Carolina State University ecology professor Craig Layman tried to make use of findings available from the study of Lauren. He built upon her findings and found that the invasive lionfish is well capable of surviving in nearly fresh water.

**UPDATE: Researcher Zack Judd claims the research does not belong to the young girl and he has been taken advantage of. (Via io9)

California Highway Patrol seize medical records of woman beaten by cop

It's a damning turn of events in the horrible saga; after one of its officers was caught on video repeatedly smashing a homeless woman in the face, the force went to a psychiatric ward and seized her medical records.

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Hit songs, analyzed by their contemporary obscurity

"Come Down, Ma Evening Star" was a huge hit in 1903, but you'd be forgiven for not knowing it. But time has not been kind to the hits of Clay Aiken, either. [via Kottke]

Let's see if we can get the official youtube video of Clay's 2003 #1 hit "This is the Night" to 5,000 views by sundown! (It's at 4,954, though, so I'm not sure I fancy its chances.)

Computer game names "almost universally terrible"

"Assassin Heroes Warhammer: Craft World War" might be an extreme example of a grossly trope-strewn game name, but the business has plenty more like it to offer.

Nigerian email swindlers using more sophisticated hacks

It's not so much that the scammers themselves are becoming better at their jobs, just that off-the-shelf scripts are so much more powerful. [NYT]

Spy toys at the CIA museum

3033350-slide-pigeoncamera1A gallery at Fast Co Design has some of the cool tools of spycraft.

Florida men mistake corpse for mannequin

Some Florida men found a "mannequin" hanging in a vacant garage they were cleaning out. "Israel Lopez and Adam Hines told authorities they thought the former renters had left a "Halloween-like" hoax. Lopez hauled the debris to the landfill while Hines continued cleaning."

Anatomically correct bra and panties

Why Are You So Afraid Of Your Own Anatomy? is Eleanor Beth Haswell's senior art project, a feminist fashion intervention.

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Fun as Hell, a Kindle Single by LJ Kummer

Fun as Hell (Kindle Single)

LJ Kummer's Fun as Hell is a great kindle single. A fast read about a journalist and his girlfriend who take a training course intended to show civilians what war is all about.

Kummer share the tale of journalist coming to understand why he writes. As he and his surgeon girlfriend experience a rigorous military training program, the protagonist each exercise helps him understand why he has chosen his career.

Kummer doesn't leave you with a firm ending, but he manages to use the short story telling format well and leaves you thinking about what comes next.

Fun as Hell by LJ Kummer

Lego: Batman's Tumbler


The Lego Super Heroes model of Batman's Tumbler with Batman and Joker minifies will be available September 1 for $200, or right now from scalpers for $850-$1150 (caveat emptor).

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Beetles kill Beatle's memorial tree


The George Harrison Memorial Tree in Los Angeles, planted in memory of the Beatles guitarist, was killed by beetles.