Scientifically-accurate Pinky and the Brain

Hindsight is 20/20 in this literal reimagining of the title sequence to the 90's cartoon Pinky And The Brain. Read the rest

David Tennant makes an adorable Star Wars droid

I know I just posted about Star Wars, but I really can't help myself after reading this story. Former Gallifreyan Doctor David Tennant lent his voice to a droid character named Huyang for Star Wars: The Clone Wars. His episode, "A Test of Strength," will air this Saturday, November 10 at 9:30 AM on Cartoon Network. (For now, at least. Due to the Disney/Lucasfilm deal, the show is expected to end its five-season run in 2013, then move to Disney XD.) In the meantime, watch an exclusive clip at IGN. You will probably agree that Tennant is pretty much perfect as a droid.

Photo credit: IGN

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Cartoon Network celebrates 20 years on the air with a 'toony music video

(Video link) Cartoon Network turned 20 years old last night at exactly 6:58 PM, EST! But that still isn't old enough to drink, which is surely the reason Adult Swim isn't featured in this tribute video by London's ILOVEDUST. Though Adventure Time probably spiked the punch. (via Gawker) Read the rest