Pretzel and her dog groomer created a pretty decent optical illusion

Today Pretzel had her feathers removed, so her coat does not absorb every leaf this Fall brings. The frizzy soft hair she has left leaves her legs looking mighty tiny here.

Here is what the de-feathering looks like without the backlight.

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Great Pyrenees are merely the 67th most popular dog breed says the AKC

Every dog is the best breed if you are the person who loves'em.

Perhaps it is their great size, their extremely loud bark, all the fur they shed, or the 2-tons of poop? My best buddy Nemo's breed strangely lands at 67th on the AKCs 2017 list of most popular breeds. Zuul, and her family of Cavalier King Charles, comes in 19th.

Wonder what kind of standardized test they give the dogs?

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