Costco-themed pajamas

Cartoonist Mimi Pond recently discovered that her local Costco sells Costco-themed pajamas for women!

Look closely at the pattern. It depicts, using cute illustrations, their famous sample food carts, and customers hauling oversized products like a pizza slice, bottle of wine, jar of peanut butter pretzels, steak, and more. Plus, tires and big-screen TVs! I don't even have a Costco membership but I want a pair of these.

Available online at Costco for $23 (includes matching socks). Read the rest

Watch Ellen punk Michelle Obama while she's signing books at Costco

Former First Lady Michelle Obama has a new book, a memoir of her life's journey getting to the White House called Becoming. To promote it, she went to Costco with Ellen DeGeneres for a signing. But it was no ordinary signing, of course, that wouldn't make for good TV. I don't want to spoil it but let's just say Ellen made the signing more interesting with a bullhorn, a hidden flask, and a case of Preparation H (and more). Read the rest