A Darth Vader blazer with Death Star lining and buttons

Thinkgeek's $120 Darth Vader Blazer has lovely touches like satin lapels and shoulder-stripes, vaderish control panel lights embroidered over the breast, and Death Star themed buttons and lining. Read the rest

Taco Bell clothing line inches us a step closer to Idiocracy

For the price of a few trays of Taco Bell, these Taco Bell Forever 21 clothes can make you look like a character from Idiocracy: Read the rest

Unpaid Zara garment workers slip pleas for overdue wages into clothes

Turkish purchasers of clothing from fast fashion brand Zara have discovered notes slipped into pockets of their clothes by workers begging for support in their struggle to get long-overdue wages. Read the rest

A tiny, wearable, Arduino-powered VT 100 terminal

The first "wearable" computer I ever tried was a wrist-strap that let me wear my Palm Pilot like a huge, ungainly wristwatch; I tethered it with a thick cable to a CDMA phone that could emulate a 9600 baud modem and used it to dial into the WELL. Read the rest

Buy Steve McQueen's auto racing suit from Le Mans

You will never be as cool as Steve McQueen, but for around $500,000, you could win the actual Hinchman race suit and Bell helmet he sported in Le Mans, the classic 1971 auto racing film. It's up for bid at Sotheby's on December 6 as part of the New York - Icons auction. Of course you'll still need to save your pennies for the blue #20 Gulf-Porsche 917K that last sold at auction for $14 million.

(via Uncrate)

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Original DeLorean mechanic's uniform on eBay

A deadstock DeLorean mechanic's jumpsuit turned up on eBay, and it's yours for $199. Better grab it quick or you'll be outtatime.

Original Delorean Corp. Stock - DELOREAN MECHANIC'S UNIFORM - for the original KAPAC liquidation stock. I purchased this unbelievable find directly from KAPAC in the early 1990's once they got hold of the remaining Delorean bankruptcy inventory. It is new, never worn. It was sold to Delorean dealer's for mechanic's to wear as their uniform when servicing this amazing vehicle. They had a couple of these and I bought all that they had. I have worn mine to Delorean conventions - it is a great piece of Delorean history!
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Mermaid knee-socks!

OK, I know I said we were at peak funny-sock back in August, but can we make an exception for these $7.50 mermaid knee-socks?. (via Crazy Abalone) Read the rest

Largemouth bass sandals

You will look amazing in sandals that look like gasping largemouth bass, seriously (max size is a Men's 10, so only the dainty of feed need apply, e.g., not me). Read the rest

Laser "distresses" a pair of jeans

The 2,500-watt LaserSharp Denim HD Abrasion System adds precision wear-marks to fresh denim jeans to make them look sort-of worn-ish, making it the latest successor to acid-washing in the long battle to figure out how to make jeans look cool and authentically patina-ed without having to wear them every day for six months without washing them. (via Interconnected) Read the rest

Rainbow-Shitting Unicorn Socks

Contrary to the product description, these Rainbow-Shitting Unicorn Socks [Amazon] are not "womens" socks. They're my socks.

20% polyester 75% cotton, 20% polyester, 5% spandex. Approximately fits women's shoe size 5-10. Made in Korea.

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QVC host and guest debate whether Earth's moon is a planet or a star

“No, I don’t like that at all. I don’t even know what that means”

Bo Gardiner:

Not sure what [Isaacs] Mizrahi's excuse is, but you gotta love his "let a man set this silly woman straight" tone with his own silliness. As for [Shawn] Killinger, an avid Christian, perhaps she got her science from Genesis in Sunday school. Check out the model's reaction at 0:39! I like to imagine she models to put herself through an astrophysics Ph.D.
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Interesting look at Korea's massive counterfeit streetwear culture

This short documentary about Korean fashion is on its surface about the many looks cultivated by Korean designers, but it's especially interesting as an analysis of what late-stage capitalism looks like in a homogenous culture. Read the rest

Dress and accessories made of Starburst wrappers

Emily Seilhamer upcycled old Starburst wrappers into a woven dress, as well as purse and shoes. Read the rest

Zombie Peepshow's spiky, monstrous, elaborate shoes (mostly wedges, but flats too)

Austin shoesmith Kayla Stojek (AKA "Zombie Peepshow") mods wedges, Vans, heels and other shoes (and boots) with huge, deadly spikes, cute dioramas, horror pumpkins, whimsical scares, and such, all made to order: if heels aren't your thing, Stojek will mod you up some spiky Vans. Read the rest

Double jeans

Yours for $695, though sold out at the moment, are the Natasha Zinko High Waist Double Jeans.

Layered waistbands give these wide-leg Natasha Zinko jeans a modern high-low profile. Contrast side stripes. 7 pockets. Button closure and zip fly at each waist panel. Raw hem.


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Flip flops with contradictory Trump tweets on them

President Flip Flops are cheap footwear emblazoned with Trump tweets, one foot contradicting the other. There are several "editions", each as revolting and transfixing as the other. Read the rest

Cease and Desist pin

Kingdrippa makes and sells these fabulously trenchant mouse pins. It's $11. In fact, there's so many cool things in this store I might have to blog the lot.

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