Photographer hunts down eBayer who has her camera

More A-grade sneering from Rob Wolchek of Fox 2 News Detroit, called in by professional photographer Kelly, who tracked down the guy flogging her stolen gear on eBay.

WOLCHECK: Where'd ya get all the stuff in your ebay store? ALI: Bought them. WOLCHECK: Who'd ya get it from them. ALI: ... ALI: People. Read the rest

Fencing with picket fences

As I was watching this video by Youtubers Mike and Alex of This is Mystical, I kept thinking to myself, "Why has this never been done before?"

It seems like fencing with literal fences should be a thing. Yet my half-hearted internet search for "fencing sport with picket fences" brought up lots of, well, fences.

So, touché to Mike and Alex for bringing the world this new sport and to Sam the "real fencing guy" for teaching us fencing's basics. Read the rest

Watch cyclists try to retrieve a bike ensnared in an electric fence

Big DT writes: "Whilst pedalling today my mate Paul went to put his bike over a fence. Half way though he realised that it was electric! So he dropped it on the fence. This is a video of him and my mate Al trying to get it off! Please excuse the swearing and oh yes by the way the clicking sound is the electric pulsing!!"

Read the rest

Man builds fence to restrain his dog. It doesn't work

Rgraves says: "I literally had JUST built this fence to keep Stella in the yard and was admiring it..." Read the rest