After New Zealand spooks misidentified pro-democracy activist, NSA spied on him for them

Tony Fullman is one of the only people that we know to have been targeted by Prism, the NSA's signature mass-surveillance tool: he's a Fijian-born expatriate with New Zealand citizenship, and had his passport seized and his name added to terrorism watchlists after the NSA helped their New Zealand counterparts spy on him, intercepting his bank statements, Facebook posts, Gmail messages, recorded phone conversations, and more. Read the rest

Anatomically correct papercraft torso with organs

Horst Kiechle made this astounding card-stock human torso, stuffed with anatomically correct paper organs. Its for the Science Lab of the International School Nadi, Fiji Islands. Man, what I'd give for a set of plans for this!

paper torso

(via Colossal)

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