My polonium-powered Lone Ranger Atomic Bomb Ring

Radioactive toys for kids? Hell yes! In 1947 these Kix Lone Ranger Atomic Bomb rings were all the range.

For .15 and a box top you could have your own wearable spinthariscope. The advertising claimed you could see atoms smashing themselves to smithereens inside this ring. It also declared the action perfectly safe. The polonium alpha particles were smashing against a zinc screen.

The half-life of the polonium was super short. My ring does not work. Hell, it can even be a real pain in the posterior removing those red plastic fins, just so you can see the "reaction chamber."

I like it.

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Things I miss: when the William Tell Overture was cool

I remember when I could hear the opening to the William Tell Overture and feel the adventure.

I'm not sure if I just got older, the constant comedic uses of The Lone Ranger theme, or I just can't tolerate the racism inherent in most old Western themed tv and movies, but every time I hear this music, I get a brief taste of that old feeling and then it is washed away.

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