Don these slippers inspired by Marty McFly's self-lacing sneakers

You probably missed out when Nike auctioned off 89 modern-day replicas of Marty McFly's self-lacing sneakers, but that shouldn't stop you from having a pair. While they don't tie themselves, these handcrafted slippers inspired by Marty's futuristic Back to the Future II Air Mags should do the trick. Prices start at $59/pair.

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Tiny kicks: Candles and soap for sneakerheads

This charming line of sneaker-shaped candles and soap by Russian company What the Shape was surely created for "the sneakerhead who has everything."

Each one measures a little over 5 inches long and costs $15.

The project WHAT THE SHAPE is, above all, our passion for sculpting. The photo shows the way of creating of a small sneakers. The desire to replicate the original, pay attention to details, search for artistic and technical solutions - all this is a fascinating process of creating the master model. As the model will serve for casting the silicone mold, there is some rules and limitations when it is created. Consideration of all the nuances without losing the similarity with the original, is making the work doubly interesting. If you buy, for example, candles WHAT THE SHAPE, you will get not only paraffin sneakers but also a piece of our soul and painstaking handmade work. Thank you for your interest to our project! Your team of enthusiasts. #WHATTHESHAPE

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Some are even dyed and scented like fruit.

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Watch this stylish electric bike zoom through the countryside

This gorgeous Avionics electric bike prototype mixes modern technology with the classic style of early gas-powered motorcycles. Read the rest

New Nike ad features overweight 12-year-old boy

[Video Link]. Wieden+Kennedy's new ad for Nike is provocative stuff. Nike isn't sponsoring the Olympics this year, but the ad is timed accordingly. The star of this spot, Nathan, is 12 years old and lives in London, Ohio. He tells Business Insider he puked in a ditch while filming takes. I like this kid. Read the rest