Iridescent MS Paint stickers

Apply the aesthetic to anything in your possession with these wonderful iridescent MS Paint stickers, available in several sizes along with various other pixelated delights at 8pxl's website.

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"Shut the fuck up" stickers

Eliza Gauger produced these "shut the fuck up" stickers to provide Seattle locals with an appropriate response to an obnoxious marketing campaign there, but their appeal strikes me as universal to all communities, offline and on. A set of 10 is $5.

Sturdy, flexible stickers printed professionally onto UV-resistant gloss backing to endure the inevitable fury of your local contingent of liberal positivity drones.

Seattle has an infestation of stickers that say "be the light." Everyone is absolutely fed up with them, their corny omnipresence, and the shallow banality they represent. Thus, we find ourselves here, with enough "shut the fuck up." stickers to shut this hippie nonsense down for good. And so can you!

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Huge bloodspatter car decal great for making sure you get pulled over

German police, spotting a car that appeared to have been in a horrifying collision, pulled over the driver for a chat. But the enormous blood-spatter was just a realistic decal, and they sent the man on his way. Read the rest

Glow-in-the-dark unicorn stickers

According to the product description at Amazon, these fluorescent unicorn stickers will apply to any flat surface, can be removed and replaced, and "need to absorb light in daytime" if they are to glow in darkness. So be warned: just as fans left on at night slowly remove all the oxygen from the air, throttling the life from young and old alike, too many unicorns may result in Dyatlov-like irradiated corpses strewn around the bedroom.

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Four ways to actually remove stickers once and for all

BuzzFeed Nifty shows off four different ways to do the seemingly impossible: Remove stickers and their gross residue. Read the rest

Notes on curating an open access collection of political stickers

Catherine Tedford is curator of the Street Art Graphics collection, an open access collection of 2,700+ political stickers from the 1910s to today. Read the rest

"Objects in mirror are on the dark side" Star Wars sideview stickers

My Lyft driver had these on his Toyota Camry today. I laughed.

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Hillary and Trump skull-stickers

They're $10 for 12 at Urban Medium, whose awesome designs I've been tracking since 2004. Read the rest

Glorkian Warrior stickers

They're $4 from Stickermule -- a great way to show your Glorkian pride. Read the rest

Politely show the world you have no time for anyone's bullshit with one weird sticker

Politely show the world that you don't have time for anyone's shit with this colorful and classy sticker.

Giant Ron English art-book: Status Factory

Whether putting up his own US/Mexican border-crossing signs or appearing on the Simpsons, street artist Ron English is a versatile, trenchant, eyeball-kicking master of the form.


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Empty-eyed animal stickers from Hydro74

Sticker Robot's selling a new pack of great die-cut stickers from Hydro74, featuring five stylized animal heads of daemonic mien, limned and pinstriped and full of empty-eyed menace. Read the rest

Ron English's Stickable Art Offenses: Wacky Packages meets AdBusters

Ron English's Stickable Art Offenses is an inspired collection of stickers from one of the world's most iconic sticker artists. Ron English designed the iconic Ronald McDonald parody for Super-Size Me, and has built his reputation on grotesque, trenchant, and funny graphic attacks on corporate logos and marketing.

The book opens with English's reminiscence of one of the many times he was arrested for stickering in New York City, then leaps into more than 40 pages' worth of die-cut, full-color vinyl stickers. English's stickers are a bit like a highly politicized Wacky Packages or Garbage Pail Kids for grownups, with a bit of Warholian whimsy thrown in, by way of AdBusters. The book ends with some lovely photos of English's work in the wild, from giant murals to billboard defacements to guerrilla re-branding in the grocery store cereal aisle.

Ron English is a great favorite around these parts, as this extensive collection of Ron English posts from our archives can attest. I can't wait to start decorating my environs with his work

Last Gasp, English's publisher, were kind enough to send us some hi-rez outtakes from the book for your pleasure. Visit the jump to see more.

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Print your own MAPO stickers, declare your goods to be of bespoke Disney manufacture

FoxxFur at Passport to Dreams Old and New has created a PDF template for printing out your own MAPO stickers. MAPO (MAry POppins) is the Disney division responsible for fabricating many of the limited and one-off mechanisms and infrastructural gubbins that make up the Disney Parks' underpinnings, and each of their products ships with a MAPO sticker proclaiming its origin. These stickers are highly sought-after souvenirs, especially among cast-members (employees) at the parks. FoxxFur's template can be used to produce your own stickers and add them to things that need a little exotic back-story.

MAPO manufactured basically everything that ended up in Disneyland or Walt Disney World between 1964 and 1990 - they must have printed these things out by a thousands because they're stuck to props, motors, figures, power junction boxes, chain lifts and practically everything else you can think of in the World's Fair attractions, Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain, Horizons, and dozens of others.

As you can imagine, MAPO stickers are prized possessions amongst cast members, who are apt to peel the nearest one off the first available prop. The backstages of Mansion and Pirates are full of tiny rectangles of less-aged areas where MAPO stickers have absconded the premises. Here's mine. It's direct off the actuator frame for Herbert Hoover, which was being thrown away:

The problem is that as time goes by and the gap between the shuttering of MAPO and our own age widens, these stickers are becoming increasingly uncommon and most of the good ones have already been thrown out - attached to props in, say, Mr.

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My Monster Family car stickers

In the Neatorama store, a set of "My Monster Family Car Stickers" designed by Mike Jacobsen. These are a great antidote to the ubiquitous sickly-sweet minivan stickers.

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