Investors throw $300m at dog-walking startup that hired ex-CEO of fraudulent anti-fraud company Lifelock

Before being hired to serve as CEO of Wag, a dogwalking startup that just received a $300,000,000 investment from Softbank, Hilary Schneider presided over Lifelock, a company whose fraudulent anti-fraud products cost it over $100,000,000 in fines, before Schneider convinced Symantec to buy it for an absurd $2.6 billion. Read the rest

Sean Spicer claims that Houthi rebel assault on Saudi frigate was an Iranian attack on a US warship

Houthi rebels from Yemen attacked a Saudi frigate; White House spokesman Sean Spicer falsely claimed that this was Iranian forces attacking a US Naval ship and thus an act of war; no one from the White House press corps corrected him or followed up. Read the rest