Gentleman gives rude drivers a piece of his mind without going into Karen mode (video)

Rather than get into a full-blown Karen confrontation over a careless driver's bad parking job, one gentleman blows off steam with a passively aggressive sense of humor.

Prepared with a deck of laminated orange cards that shame and scold so that he doesn't have to, he simply slips one under the rude car's windshield wiper while the driver is away — and then snickers to himself for good measure. — Read the rest

Gentleman steals an ambulance, takes it for a joyride, then stops when all the tires pop

After a 47-year-old patient arrived at a Manhattan hospital for "observation," he decided he preferred the ambulance ride over the medical facility. So at 5am, when no one was paying attention, the gentleman ran back out to the ambulance that had taken him to Mount Sinai Morningside Hospital, found the keys still in the ignition, and took it for a spin. — Read the rest