Outside Kid Rock's bar, a gentleman attacked the police with a colostomy bag

Just outside of Kid Rock's bar in Nashville a publicly intoxicated Tennessean responded to law enforcement by attacking them with his colostomy bag.

The suspect absolutely, coincidentally has a bunch of racist tattoos.

The Smoking Gun:

For those with a strong stomach,Β click hereΒ to read about Newhart's May 1 confrontation with police, which began outside the emergency exit door of Kid Rock's Big Ass Honky Tonk & Rock 'N' Roll Steakhouse in Nashville.

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Gentleman sells his house but won't move out, while new owners have been paying mortgage for 14 months

Tracie and Myles Albert bought a house in Riverside, California in January 2020 fully expecting to move in. But for the last 14 months, the previous owner has refused to move out. The Alberts have been paying the mortgage for 14 months but were told by the Riverside Sheriff's department that they are forbidden to so much as step on the front lawn of their own home under penalty of trespassing. — Read the rest

Earliest known diving suit, the "Old Gentleman of Raahe", used in the 1700's

With a face that may well visit your nightmares this evening, this 18th century monstrosity, affectionately named the "Old Gentleman" is the oldest surviving diving suit in the world. Made from leather and sewn together with wax thread helps give it the "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" look that the Finnish designer could not have imagined he or she would achieve 200 years later (This just in: A new "Massacre" sequel is coming in late 2021). — Read the rest

Gentleman busted for swimming in zoo aquarium

Police charged this 30-year-old gentleman for allegedly trespassing at Australia's Sydney Zoo, stripping to his underwear, and diving into the big aquarium. His brilliant buddies recorded the hijinks and shared it on social media, helping police nab the suspect.

According to 9News, "the Peakhurst man was issued a court attendance notice for behaving in an offensive manner, entering enclosed non-agricultural lands and interfering with business, and opening, entering or damaging an animal enclosure."