Police seek drivers of abandoned Amish buggy equipped with loud stereo and Michelob Ultra

At 1AM last Sunday two men were enjoying a ride in their Amish buggy with a banging stereo and enjoying a 12-pack of Michelob Ultra when the cops showed up! Rather than discuss their apparently aberrant behavior with representatives of local law enforcement, the two revel-seeking reportedly Amish gents took to the woods! Leaving their horse, beer and stereo laden buggy ambling on down the road.


The men were drinking a 12-pack of Michelob Ultra that was settled atop the buggy while blasting music and riding through North Bloomfield, Ohio, deputies said. There were several open bottles in the buggy.

The Amish community is generally known for shunning high technology and typically avoids alcohol.

While the men ran into the trees, the horse continued down the road, police said. The horse and buggy were eventually caught. The buggy was towed while the horse was turned over to someone who can take care of it until the owners come forward.

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Michigan man offers "Amish Uber" rides in his horse & buggy

In a small village in Michigan, you can catch a ride in the "Amish Uber."

This new-fangled horse-and-buggy ride service was started by Timothy Hochstedler, a resident of Colon, Michigan.


"Uber is a cool thing, every single year something new comes in and Uber is hot right now, so we have the Amish Uber. We can deliver people to their front door steps," Hochstedler said.

A ride in the "Amish Uber" costs just five bucks. But, you'll have to flag Hochstedler down to get one because he doesn't actually work for Uber. Read the rest

Man wearing full Amish garb clocks great time in marathon

This is Gordonville, Pennsylvania resident Leroy Stolzfus, 22, who recently finished the Harrisburg Marathon in three hours, 5 minutes and 45 seconds, close to what it would take for him to qualify for the Boston Marathon. He did it wearing his traditional Amish clothing.

Stolzfus told Penn Live that his nontraditional running garb doesn't bug him one bit. "In the summer heat, he said he tries to drink more water, but he doesn't do anything 'out of the ordinary.'"

"Leroy Stolzfus clocks a 3:05 at Harrisburg Marathon in full Amish garb" (Penn Live)

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Mullet jailed for cutting hair

Amish sect leader Samuel Mullet was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment for ordering attacks on other Amish people in which their hair and beards were forcibly cut off. [BBC] Read the rest