Man proposes to girlfriend on plane, then barfs before her

Moments after executing a meticulously-arranged marriage proposal—a flight in a small airplane, a "marry me" sign on the ground, the ring presentation—Darrell Hamilton Jr vomited at the feet of Rheanna Lopez, the object of his affection. She said yes! Read the rest

General Mills recalls some flours after 38 people become sick with E. coli

General Mills today announced it will voluntarily recall various batches of its Gold Medal, Gold Medal Wondra and Signature flours that federal officials say may be linked to 38 people getting sick in 20 states from a strain of E. coli. Read the rest

Barf bags ad nauseam at Air Sickness Bag Virtual Museum

The Air Sickness Bag Virtual Museum has thousands of barf bags from airlines, political campaigns, film promotions, and more. Below, a few highlights. Read the rest