The humorous story of Donkey Donald's, aka Dunkin' Donuts

I never know where our conversations are going to go when I get together with my friend Mark of Cardhouse. His tastes are more esoteric than the average person and I'm always surprised and amused by what he shares with me.

So, we had lunch Wednesday. Somehow Dunkin' Donuts came up. He asked me if I had remembered when he posted about Donkey Donald's (in 2013). I hadn't. He explained.

He cited a Tumblr written by two NYC concierges in which they shared funny stories about their job. The blog is called how may we hate you? and their "Donkey Donald's" story is as follows:

Then he tells me that, back in 2013, he reworked the Dunkin' Donuts logo to become, of course, the Donkey Donald's logo (lead image).

Then he says when Dunkin' Donuts changed its name to simply Dunkin' recently, he updated his Donkey Donald's logo to simply Donkey (because, of course):

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Man ordered to pull donkey in cart

An extraordinary scene took place on Saturday last at a small village within three miles of Middleton. A half-witted fellow named James Driscott had cruelly ill-used his donkey. He was told by several of the villagers that he would be brought up before the magistrates and severely punished; but his informants said that if he consented to do penance for his inhuman conduct, no information should be laid against him. Driscott gladly agreed to the proposed terms. The donkey was placed in the cart, and its owner, with the collar round his neck, was constrained to drag his four-footed servant through the village. The scene is described by a local reporter as being the most laughter-moving one he had ever witnessed. — Illustrated Police News, Jan. 22, 1876


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