Fry Roulette is a new game to eat fried foods with friends

Ground House, a hip burger joint in Irvine, CA, has just gamified eating fried foods with their Fry Roulette. There's a spinning wheel, six types of deep-fried potato products, and 12 different dipping centers.

Buzzfeed shows how it works: Fry Roulette Exists And We Know You Want To Play

screenshot via Ground House IG Read the rest

Bigot hotter than a grease fire after seeing McDonald's rainbow pride fry boxes

A McDonald's franchisee in Washington DC is celebrating Pride Month with fry boxes festooned with rainbows. That didn't sit well with televangelist Joshua Feuerstein: Read the rest

FDA bans trans fat from American food products

Food manufacturers have until 2018 to remove all trans fat from their products.