Own your own Dune stillsuit gloves

New shots from the set of Denis Villeneuve's forthcoming Dune movie depict the hardy Fremen, natives of the desert planet at the heart of the sprawling spice opera. Those gloves Chani is wearing are Oakley Factories [CHOAM referrer link] (or knockoffs thereof), available for fifty Imperial solaris or so.

Oakley Factory gloves [CHOAM] Read the rest

Heavy duty disposable nitrile gloves for working on my car, bus or bike

These heavy duty nitrile gloves keep my hands clean when an automotive emergency pops up.

Frequently my 43-year-old motorcycle and 32-year-old VW bus hiccup. Usually, they do it when I am wearing something I do not want covered in grease, and am far away from home. Luckily both vehicles have nearly full sets of tools in them, and I can usually get to work wherever need finds me.

Keeping my hands clean, however, not likely until I started keeping a handful of nitrile gloves in each.

I tried keeping a pair of shop gloves in the car, but they got lost quick. With these nitrile gloves, I can refill either vehicle when I run out.

These gloves are also easier to work with while wearing. Bulky gloves are no fun.

They do tear but less frequently than the thin medical exam gloves I tried before.

GLOVEWORKS HD Industrial Orange Nitrile Gloves - 8 mil, Latex Free, Powder Free, Diamond Texture, Disposable, Heavy Duty via Amazon Read the rest

Crocs gloves: "dad’s favorite shoes... for your hands"

Entrepreneur and Product Designer Matt Benedetto is an inventing machine. Under the umbrella of "Unnecessary Inventions," he's brought the world a-mazing, and absolutely absurd, creations. His latest pièce de résistance? Fingerless Crocs Gloves. Yup, he's made Crocs that you can wear on your hands. And, no, he didn't cut up a pair of shoes. No, no. These little beauties were 3D-printed. Watch the video to see the entire process to get from idea to prototype. It's impressive! Read the rest

Epic glove ad explains benefits of gloves

"Gloves." The voice is powerful and paternal, yet somehow inviting. "They protect us." Read the rest