Jake Appelbaum reads his Homeland afterword, with bonus Atari Teenage Riot vocoder mix

Two of my friends contributed afterwords to my novel Homeland: Aaron Swartz and Jacob Appelbaum. In this outtake from the independently produced Homeland audiobook (which you can get for the next week exclusively through the Humble Ebook Bundle), Jake reads his afterword at The Hellish Vortex Studio in Berlin, where he is in exile after several harrowing adventures at the US border. Hellish Vortex is run by Alec Empire, founding member of Atari Teenage Riot. Alec recorded this clip (MP3), and also mixed an alternate version.

Originally Jake had intended for his afterword to be anonymous (I didn't understand this at the time, and there was no harm done!). In keeping with this, Alec mixed this vocoder edition (MP3), that is pretty awesome.

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Illustration: YUKO SHIMIZU

Enjoy this all-new tale of Marcus Yallow, the hero of the Little Brother and Homeland.

The story is about how Marcus and his friends deal with a severe Bay Area earthquake centered on Oakland—and how people facing sudden emergencies and catastrophes do a lot less looting, and a lot more constructive self-organization, than we're taught to expect.

Adds Patrick Nielsen Hayden, the novella's editor: "There are also way-cool crowdsourced drones." A teaser follows. Read the rest