Lick-and-stick these 'tiny protest signs' onto your mail

Make your anti-racist voice heard every time you send a letter. Oakland-based Lea Redmond of Leafcutter Designs makes it easy through her new Postage Stamp Project. She's offering these "tiny protest signs" to "lick-and-stick" onto mail (just don't confuse them for real paid postage). She pulled in Bay Area Artist Oree Originol for the art. His Justice For Our Lives open-source portraits, which feature more than 85 marginalized POC that were killed by law enforcement, was chosen for the first phase of the project. For the next phase, Lea is inviting people to submit their own tiny protest sign designs for "possible inclusion in a future edition of crowd-sourced stamps." All details here.

You can get some of these stamps for $1 (suggested donation to cover costs) from Lea by sending her a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE). The address is: Lea Redmond 329 15th Street Oakland, CA 94612 Edition: Say Their Names

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After coming across the #justiceforourlives installation on Lakeshore Ave. in Oakland, artist @lea_redmond was inspired to make use of my open source artwork to include in her “Postage Stamp Protest”, a series of “protest signs” to be carried through the mail system. These are lick-and-stick protest signs that you can add to the postage stamp area of your mail (as long as you have real postage!) Stick them on letters to friends as an act of solidarity or to raise consciousness and inspire action. Also stick’em on your electric bills, rent checks, other random outgoing mail, and anywhere else you’re inspired to!

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This deck of wholesome activities inspires mini-adventures

We've been writing about Lea Redmond since 2009 here on Boing Boing. She's just one of those kind of people who consistently makes neat things — a real Happy Mutant! Well, her latest creative venture is Home Sweet Home, an activity deck for kids (and the young at heart). It offers inspiring prompts for whimsical, reflective mini-adventures in and out of the home. Half the deck is available now for free download, and the second half will be available as part of a full physical deck (when it's safe to get them printed).

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Send inner-home post cards to fellow family shut-ins

Our friend, Lea Redmond, she of the World's Smallest Post Service, has a number of fun little Print + Play paper projects on her website. One of them is a set of printable inner-home post cards: "Greeting from the couch," "...from the yard," "...from the corner of the room," etc. Six cards in all.

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The Lucky Penny Press will put poems on pressed pennies

Put poems on pressed pennies? Sure, why not?! Oakland-based artrepreneur Lea Redmond (previously) has a dream to crowdfund a Lucky Penny Press, a hand-cranked machine that will dole out pressed pennies with short poems on them. I wasted no time getting on this because a.) I adore squished pennies, and b.) I think everything Lea touches is magic.

Lea recently spoke about her art practice at CreativeMornings in San Francisco:

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The World’s Smallest Post Service to open a magical brick-and-mortar experience in Oakland

After ten years of making and sending custom tiny mail for people via her online transcription service, Postmaster/artist Lea Redmond is dreaming big. She is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter to bring a magical brick-and-mortar World’s Smallest Post Service to a vintage storefront in downtown Oakland. Yes, you'll be able to experience the joy of tiny mail in person!

The installation will feature an early 1900s oak post office counter (which she scored off of Craigslist), a bank of brass eagle P.O. boxes, and other delights such as dioramas and letter-writing nights. Back her Kickstarter project to send tiny mail and to get some gorgeous commemorative faux postage stamp sheets by Oakland artist Michael Wertz (shown above).

The World’s Smallest Post Service started out as a quirky roaming postal office around the SF Bay Area, and since then Lea and her postal pals have crafted and sent tens of thousands of tiny letters and packages to loved ones all over the world. In addition to single custom tiny letters and packages, they offer DIY tiny mail stationery kits, tiny serial stories called “Keep Me Posted,” secret admirer Valentine’s chocolates, and other charming wee things.

I'm a huge fan!

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This deck of cards will spark small, IRL experiences

The fabulous Lea Redmond of Leafcutter Designs (previously) has launched a brand new project. It's called Lively Matter and it's a 52-card activity deck to create grand adventures and experiences out of the ordinary.

She writes:

Each card in the Lively Matter deck gives instructions for a tangible, mini adventure that you can do by yourself or with friends. The activities are delightful, thoughtful, and repeatable. For example: get a gum ball at a vending machine, then pay special attention to that color for the rest of the day... The activities don't take a lot of time, but they do encourage creativity, observation, and poetic engagement with the everyday world.

The deck itself is $15. For $40, you get the deck plus that cool silkscreened "Will Return At" pouch shown in the photo. To take a "digital detox" break, you just zip your phone inside of the pouch and mark what time you want to get it back.

Lea put Lively Matter on Kickstarter this past weekend and, as of this writing, it's already completely funded (!).

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