Online mattress sales have given rise to a new kind of con game - reselling filthy mattresses as new

People are tossing old mattresses faster than ever before, thanks to online mattress peddlers who offer easy returns and 100-day guarantees. (It's not surprising -- the last time I visited a brick-and-mortar mattress store it had the same vibe as a sleazy used car joint.) The upshot -- tons of tossed out mattresses clogging landfills and the rise of scammy recyclers who collect filthy, vermin-infested mattresses, give them new covers and resell them as new.

The Guardian reports:

One scam involves fraudsters posing as reputable mattress recyclers. They set up an official-looking website and start offering their services to residents and businesses. When people bite, the fraudsters collect the mattresses, pick the ones in good condition, replace the outer casing, and then wrap in new covers that often have the logo of a reputable manufacturer on it. These secondhand mattresses are then sold as new. “Some of the mattresses you get from the general public are disgusting,” warns Allsopp. “If you strip the outer polycotton layer off a mattress, underneath it’s just a horror,” Scollick agrees. “That, unsanitised, is going into supposedly brand-new mattresses.”

It is easy to fall victim to mattress scammers: a member of Fitzsimons’ own family was duped. “I was agog!” he says. “In spite of all my stories over the dinner table!” A common scam involves a man with a van – often with the name of a reputable firm on the side – who goes door-to-door in residential neighbourhoods. He was meant to be delivering mattresses to a hotel, he’ll say, but there was a problem with the order, and they have surplus, high-quality mattresses.

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Mattress shopping with a bad back

The world is now filled with an insane variety of things you can sleep on. I ended up with a Purple 3 mattress, but holy cow -- what a ride! Read the rest

Athletes at the Tokyo Olympics will sleep on cardboard beds

The 10,000+ athletes at the Tokyo Olympics will sleep on bed frames made of strong cardboard. According to the Athletes Village manager Takashi Kitajima, the frames can hold up to 200 kilograms (440 pounds).

"They are stronger than wooden beds," Kitajima said... "Of course, wood and cardboard would each break if you jumped on them."

From the Associated Press:

The single bed frames will be recycled into paper products after the games. The mattress components—the mattresses are not made of cardboard—will be recycled into plastic products.

The mattress is broken up into three distinct sections, and the firmness of each can be adjusted.

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Nap lounge opens in New York City

Mattress company Casper opened The Dreamery in Manhattan's SoHo neighborhood. For $25, you get a 45 minute session in one of the nap pods. You can even borrow a pair of pajamas for your snooze. And of course after you pay for this demo of Casper mattresses, you can buy your very own at their shop just around the corner! From The Dreamery:

Uniquely designed for rest, each Nook is a perfectly private, quiet pod with the most comfortable bed imaginable (a Casper mattress, of course). All bedding is freshly laundered for each new dreamer.

The Nook also features:

• Auto-fading lights • A pendant light for reading • Sound absorbing back wall • Ventilation for airflow • A bedside shelf with outlets

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Super-sized mattresses for your out-of-the-ordinary bedding needs

Do you co-sleep with your children? Do you have multiple partners? Are you tall? Are you larger than average? Do you have orgies on the regular? Do you like to pretend you're tiny?

Well, whatever your reason, there's now an over-sized mattress for you.

The Ace Collection offers over-sized mattresses (along with corresponding bedding and frames).

The first one is called either the "Ace" or the "Ace Player," depending on how you orient it in your room. One way, the Player side, it's four inches wider than a standard King size bed but is much much longer. Flip it and it becomes an extra-wide bed:

The really crazy big one is the "Ace Family" size. It's massive, measuring in at 144 inches wide. By my calculations, you could easily fit 4-5 adults on that thing.

Mattress prices start at $2,250, bedding at $258, and frames at $500.

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Slotted mattress facilitates cuddling

The Cuddle Mattress us made from slices of memory foam, so you can cuddle with your partner without having your limbs fall asleep.

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