Can you tell the difference between antidepressants and Tolkien characters? Take the quiz!

Inspired by a tweet from March 2018, Jesús Roldán put together this Antidepressants or Tolkien Character? quiz, and god damn, it's a lot harder than I anticipated. The Council of Elronon was much displeased with my knowledge. Praise be to Narmacil. Read the rest

Here's an interactive quiz using only YouTube clips

YouTuber Nigels Life created a cool proof of concept for a quiz show using YouTube clips as multiple choice answers. He recorded a clip for every possible outcome. Read the rest

Which of the "big 5" tech giants would you drop first? Rank them and see where you fit in

If you had a gun pointed at your head and had to choose one, which of the following five companies would you eradicate from your life: Facebook, Microsoft, Alphabet, Apple, or Amazon?

Which would come second?

Here's a fun "quiz" by Farhad Manjoo in The New York Times today. Rank these "Frightful Five" companies in order of which you could most do without to which you are most dependent on, and then see how your results compare with everyone else's. Manjoo will give you his take on why he chose the way he did, and what he thinks of your picks.

Image: Pixabay Read the rest

Take this quiz and learn how to spot misused meteorological terms

Chris from Sense About Science sez, "Thundersnow, willy-willys and the hottest/coldest seasons on record, there's certainly no shortage of headlines about the weather. But many meteorological terms we hear are misused, say early career researchers." Read the rest

Meet Jeopardy!'s new master--and his controversial strategy [Podcast interview]

Jeopardy champion Glenn Fleishman on Jeopardy champion Arthur Chu

Quiz! Are these tasteless mobile apps real or fake?

In this quiz, you must decide whether 15 apps are for real, or completely made-up. From scatological humor to ethnic insensitivity and tasteless decor, the mobile marketplaces have ... some of it. Read the rest

Great novels without the first line

Mary Robinette Kowal sez,

Imagine what would happen if the unthinkable occurred. What if the first line were accidentally omitted by the typesetter? Would Moby Dick have been the same if it started, 'Some years ago -- never mind how long precisely -- having little or no money in my purse, and nothing particular to interest me on shore, I thought I would sail about a little and see the watery part of the world.'

I put together a little quiz for you to try your hand at identifying these famous books by their second lines. Why?

Because when my novel, Glamour in Glass, comes out tomorrow, it will be missing the first line. We don't know how it happened yet, since the last time my editor and I looked at it, the sentence was there. Somehow, that sentence got omitted between here and the printer. The electronic version is being corrected and future editions will have that line, but for now, there are some collector's editions out there.

That's Mary: when life gives you SARS, make sarsaparilla!

New beginnings – or – What happened to my novel’s first sentence? Read the rest

Connectors Quiz!

Twaggies presents another quiz, which this time will have you in knots of frustration behind the media center. Read the rest

Smithsonian inventors quiz

Fun trivia game at the Smithsonian website—Given a list of inventions, how many of the inventors can you name in 6 minutes. Cheat if you must, but know that every time you do, you make an adorable baby alpaca cry. Read the rest