How to improve your rubber band shooting with science!

When I was very little, my big brother brought me in to school for show-and-tell. In the lunchroom, a kid fired a rubber band that hit me right in the face. I still remember the welt. This fascinating video uses high-speed footage to explain the physics behind this age-old form of weaponry. It also reminded me of the traumatic experience that forever made me a conscientious objector to the rubber band wars.

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Making tires out of duct tape and rubber bands

A group of guys from the YouTube channel Life OD first crafted a working tire out of $80 worth of duct tape, then they daisy-chained 100,000 rubber bands together to make another one.

Why? Apparently, because they can.

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Making rubber bands is incredibly labor intensive

Wow. I had no idea that making rubber bands was so labor intensive. Can you imagine the resources it took just to get this long process in place?

This footage is from the show How It's Made. An older (but worse quality) video exists and shares that this factory makes 40 million rubber bands a day. Read the rest

How to shoot a rubber band twice as fast, twice as far, and much more accurately

In Brian Brushwood's Scam School, Gus Davis shows you how to greatly increase your rubber band shooting skills by employing a technique that causes the rubber band to spin. Houseflies, you're going to have to up your game.

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