Weather class cancelled due to weather

A Weather Spotter Training class scheduled for tonight at New Richmond High School has been canceled due to the ice storm expected to hit the area tonight.
"Weather spotting class canceled" (Thanks, Tomar Spedonez!) Read the rest

Bryant Gumbel, 1994: "What is the Internet, anyway?"

The Today Show, 1994: Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric struggle to understand and explain the Internet and "that little mark with the 'a' and the ring around it." (Thanks, Rick Pescovitz!) Read the rest

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Egypt: and Tor team up to fight the Internet blackout, you can help

Help Tor fight the internet connectivity blackout in Egypt. "Your donation will go to providing satellite internet devices, other related equipment, to help with network access costs, and general support for Egyptians and people working with Egypt during this crisis and beyond. This fundraising drive is organized by the Tor Project. Money raised will be used by the Tor Project for work in areas where the Internet has been jacked." ( via Jacob Appelbaum) Read the rest

Fun things made with programmable LEDs

My pals Tod Kurt and Mike Kuniavsky are the proprietors of ThingM, a company that makes nifty programmable LEDs and other smart electronic components.

They just sent out their latest ThingM newsletter showcasing a few cool projects that use BlinkMs: a robotic drum kit, cabinet handles that light up when you touch them, and books that blink.

BlinkM in Books with Personality

BlinkM in DrumKit

ThingM in Glowpull Read the rest

Princess Diana Doll

The Franklin Mint makes this charming porcelain Diana doll.
What a wonderful way to remember Diana! ... Miniature tiara and white "English Rose." Extraordinary blue eyes and shy smile foreshadow the beautiful Princess admired by millions.
If you find it slightly odd, that may be because it is not an accurate depiction of the infant Diana Spencer, but rather an idealized pedomorphic adult. Read the rest

What's Happening in Egypt, the Action Movie Explainer: "Raiders of the Lost Mubarak"

After she realized many people couldn't wrap their heads around what was going on in Egypt, Furrygirl decided to turn to Hollywood staples and made this Raiders of the Lost Ark mashup version which explains things pretty clearly.

Full graphic follows, below...

Read the rest

About Schmidt: Google's Chief Emphatic Officer

Video Link. Literally. By Joe Sabia. Read the rest

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Israeli Emergency Bandage

I was first introduced to the Israeli emergency bandage several years ago as a medic in Iraq. It was a huge step up from the standard military dressings that we had been issued. The old military style dressings hadn't changed since WWII and were not really effective as the canvas ties didn't always hold the dressing where you needed it. A lot of guys were using gauze pads and elastic wrap which, while better, was cumbersome. The Israeli emergency bandage was the first of a new generation of bandages that made a difference when it really counts. It combines a sterile dressing, elastic wrap and a pressure bar to make a fast and easy to use trauma bandage. The long tail can be configured in various ways to hold the bandage in place or to immobilize the limb, plus it can be configured in to an improvised tourniquet. I consider it must carry item since I can use it as a multipurpose bandage, use the tail as an "Ace" wrap for sprains or to immobilize a fracture to a splint. The bandage comes in 4" and 6" for around $5-$11 and everyone in my family has one in their car first aid kit, backpack or office. [Note: Someone over at the Cool Tools thread pointed out that NPR reported that these bandages were effectively used after the shooting in Arizona. -- OH] -- Sandy Fraser, Paramedic Israeli Emergency Bandage 4" or 6" widths $5-$11 Comment on this at Cool Tools. Read the rest

Clumsy burglar breaks into lottery kiosk

[Video Link] This fellow works hard for his money, doesn't he? (Via Cynical-C) Read the rest

Fanciful zeppelins and trains

Etsy seller Gingerbees is selling prints of her late father Andrew George Brown's wonderful, fanciful steamcraft, with an emphasis on trains and zeppelins. Lovely stuff!

Gingerbees (Thanks, Wondermark, via Submitterator!) Read the rest

Night of the Lil Dead: little people zombie movie with Penn Jillette, Adam Savage and more!

Ghostworks sez, "A behind the scenes look at 'Night of the Little Dead' - a short film directed by Ezekiel Zabrowski and Frank Ippolito starring Adam Savage, Penn Jillette, Bill Moseley, Aye Jaye, Erica Taylor, Gary Morgan, Martin Klebba, & James Hurley."

"Night Of The Little Dead" Behind the Scenes Trailer (Thanks, GhostWorks, via Submitterator) Read the rest

Great mini-doc about Brazillian tattooist Maneko

Maneko - Mini doc from 13thUnit on Vimeo.

This is a fantastic mini-documentary (about 8 minutes) about vegan straight edge tattoo artist Maneko from Brazil. Some great thoughts about appreciating the good things in life to help you get through the bad times. Read the rest

Missing: Thousands of planets

This chart was assembled from data on the incomparable Extrasolar Planets Encyclopaedia , maintained and curated by the astronomer Jean Schneider. It depicts the 520 exoplanets detected between 1992 and 2010, divided up by detection technique. The accompanying data sheet includes a few notes and caveats about the assumptions I used to generate the chart. There's also an interactive version available.

Finding 520 planets in less than 20 years is an impressive testament to the skill of modern-day planet-hunters. And the rapid, recent acceleration of detections suggests that the next 20 years will see several thousands of additional planets added to our catalog. But given that there are hundreds of billions of stars in our galaxy alone, shouldn't we actually be finding more planets? Read the rest

Fantastic 2.5 minute documentary about motorcycle maker Shinya Kimura

Shinya Kimura's scratch built motorcycles are beautiful, and this short video profile, directed by Henrik Hansen and shot byAdam Richards, is very well made (it was was one of 5 films nominated for a 2010 Vimeo Award). I got the same feeling from watching this as I did from the short video about House Industries.

It was interesting hear Kimura say that he has never flown in a plane before! (UPDATE: He actually said he has never piloted a plane before. Thanks for the clarification, commenters!)

UPDATE: Eric Nakamura, publisher and co-editor of Giant Robot, says: "His bike that's featured in that film is showing currently in LA at a show I curated called Zen Garage."

Motorcycle maker Shinya Kimura (Via MAKE) Read the rest

Hollaback: fighting street harassment, one uploaded nimrod at a time

The folks at Hollaback! came up with a novel solution for combatting public sexual harassment of women: just grab your phone, take a picture of the chump, and upload it to their site with a description of what he did and how it felt.

This public-shaming-2.0 may not be preventing a lot of jackassity quite yet, but it already has enormous healing and empowerment value to women made to feel victimized for daring to be born female. Since the original 2005 launch in NYC, local sites have sprouted worldwide, including ten new ones starting today from Buenos Aires to Houston to Prague to Mumbai, and there are even iPhone and Droid apps to expedite the Holla-ing-back. Read the rest

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