Video: "How Ballet Shoes Get Made"

I'm proud of my wife and daughter who are both beginning ballet students. They'll enjoy this documentary about the making of ballet shoes! (via Digg)


Short film: THANKS

Tom Patterson's short film "Thanks" sets a deep hook, then yanks it loose with a sharp tug. Beautiful and moving and only 12:37 (and they made it in less than 24h!). (Thanks, Tom!)


Video: girls singing Georgian polyphonic music

It's part of a huge series of the same girls performing some of the loveliest music you're likely to hear.

(via Reddit)


Philips LED light bulb is comically flattened

I replaced all the bulbs in my house with fluorescent bulbs a few years ago, and now I'm replacing the fluorescents with LED bulbs.


Sleepy cat hugs a doll

Couldn't get it right, Climax Blues Band

Lost, to me anyways, but found again.


Afghan Whigs releasing mega-reissue of Gentlemen (1993)

On October 28, my friends in the Afghan Whigs are reissuing their classic album Gentlemen packed with 21 bonus tracks, including almost all the record's unreleased demo tracks, lovingly remastered by bassist John Curley, several B-sides, and three live tracks.


Video: maker of incredible working model engines

Retired naval mechanic José Manuel Hermo Barreiro makes incredibly intricate models of engines like the V-12. (via Devour)


Hilariously awkward video of Andrew Cuomo and his boys club aggressively ignoring Zephyr Teachout and Tim Wu at a parade

NY politics: "progressive" Kathy Hochul loses debate to herself

Kathy Hochul is one of Tim Wu's opponents in the primary for the Democratic nomination for the NY lieutenant governorship (I endorse the Teachout/Wu ticket), but won't debate him.


Psychedelic sequence from Animalympics

Animalympics was a loony kids' TV movie from 1980 that parodied Olympic broadcasting clichés. More

Corgi puppy plays with wolf puppy

You're welcome.


Video: Road rage in Russia starring SpongeBob, Mickey Mouse, and pals

Real or fake, it's criminally strange.


Crap Taxidermy

Kat Su, founder of the Crappy Taxidermy blog, and taxidermist Daisy Tainton "spent an afternoon filled with stuffed mice, glue-on eyes, and uncanny creatures -- equal parts how-to, DIY runway show, and cabinet of curiosities."

Su has a new book out called Crap Taxidermy.


Using real sext message threads as short film scripts

Filmmaker Eileen Yaghoobian, who made an excellent documentary about the underground poster culture in North America called Died Young, Stayed Pretty, has been working a project for the last several months called "Send Me Your Sexts."