Watch Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's creepy recorded apology to Australia


The room is bland and off-white. Could be anywhere. Daylight seeps through curtains that could have been manufactured at any time since the Second World War. The convicts look down at a camera. They're disheveled and maybe afraid. The camera is a cheap one, probably a cellphone. They aren't political prisoners in North Korea, though; it's Johnny Depp and Amber Heard in Australia. In the recording, made for an Australian court after the two snuck their pet dogs into the country, however, they do confess their crimes – and render a eulogy to biodiversity.

In the video apology released by the Australian government, a stony-faced Heard sits alongside Depp to state she is "truly sorry that Pistol and Boo were not declared. Protecting Australia is important."

"Australia is a wonderful island with a treasure trove of unique plants, animals and people," the actress said.

"Australia is free of many pests and diseases that are commonplace around the world. That is why Australia has to have such strong biosecurity laws." Depp added: "Australians are just as unique, both warm and direct. When you disrespect Australian law, they will tell your firmly. "

When the Australian government found out Depp and Heard had brought two Yorkies Pistol and Boo to Australia with them in their private jet, Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce threatened to have the dogs killed. Depp and Heard left the country immediately, according to CNN, but were later charged. Read the rest

How to deal with a tiny stripped screw on a gadget


I had to remove the SSD from an elderly MacBook Air, but the tiny little screw on it was stuck on good. The appropriate Torx driver stripped it, and two flatheads snapped in the hole that remains. Here's the easy way. Read the rest

China's Internet censors order ban on video of toddler threatening brutal cops


China's Internet censors have ordered the country's social media companies to block further sharing of a viral video that shows a toddler threatening members of the notorious urban management police squad with a long pole, telling them to leave his grandmother alone. Read the rest

Terrified chimp on the loose in Japan for two hours

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 10.23.31 AM

A chimp named Chacha escaped from his enclosure at the Yagiyama Zoological Park in Japan and ran around a neighborhood for two hours. He was shot with dart from a tranquilizer gun and fell from his perch on a telephone poll. It looked like quite a fall, but zoo officials say he is OK.

NY Times:

Television footage showed Chacha perched atop the pole, agitated and screaming at zoo workers below. Even after being shot by a sedative arrow in the back, he desperately tried to escape, dangling from a power line.

He finally fell head down into a blanket held by a dozen workers on the ground.

Read the rest

Crowdfunding new Commodore 64s, desktop and handheld


The 64 is a crowdfunded rebuild of the classic Commodore 64, to ship with an as-yet-unannounced collection of games and software from the beloved gaming platform. Read the rest

Conversations with John Lydon, then and now


In September 2015, Piers Morgan interviewed John Lydon (Johnny Rotten) for a one hour special. Lydon was smart, funny, and very entertaining.

He was entertaining when Tom Snyder interviewed him in 1980, but in an entirely different way:

Someone with more editing skills than me should make a video of the old and new Lydon having conversation with himself.

Read the rest

Amazing hi-def video of beetles, larvae, and maggots eating fish


Watch nature's little recyclers completely hollow out two fish in this beautifully-shot timelapse video from BBC.

[via] Read the rest

JetBlue passenger yells: "I’m 28, I make $4 million a year. What do you do?"

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 7.26.03 AM

Two men, possibly inebriated, exchanged boasts and insults and lawsuit threats on a JetBlue flight from Long Beach to Sacramento last Friday. From Fusion:

“I’m 28, I make $4 million a year. What do you do?”

For several minutes, the man and the other passengers exchanged heated words, including calling each other “Losers” and “Mr. Bald,” ABC reported.

At one point, the man-child says, “You’re right, I’m a loser… I own six houses.”

Finally, as the confrontation nears an end, he announces, “I’ve got 20/20 vision with a 176 IQ.”

The plane returned to the gate and the passengers were removed before they had a chance to unzip their flies and compare penis lengths. Read the rest

Smart radiator covers let New Yorkers keep their windows closed

animation (1)

Becky Stern writes, "I recently investigated my building's new smart radiator cover installation and found a company bringing steam heat into the 21st century and allowing residents to keep their windows closed when the heat is on!" Read the rest

The Divide: important new documentary about income inequality based on "The Spirit Level"


Kate Pickett and Richard Wilkinson's 2011 book The Spirit Level: Why Greater Equality Makes Societies Stronger was an instant classic for the way it described the impact of wealth inequality on the lives of both poor and rich people, driving them both to completely unsustainable working lives that destroyed their families and made them deeply unhappy. Read the rest

"The world thinks I faked a drone crashing through my office window and into my head"


On April 7 David Perel posted a video to YouTube, writing: "Drone Smashes Through My 5th Floor Window and Into My Head! While sitting at my desk I heard what sounded like a missile followed by a huge bang and glass all over me. Turns out someone lost control of their drone. Lucky to be uninjured!"

A lot of people didn't believe Perel. On Medium, he wrote about the angry deniers who posted mean comments on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram about the video:

It’s incredible how many glass experts, drone experts, head trauma experts, video experts, psychological experts and experts of any kind exist when the troll nation descends. Experts abound but they all missed a single key fact: I was actually hit in the head by a drone!

The pinnacle of these accusations was a very personal attack from a guy with a ponytail who clearly loves his drones, but not the facts.

It’s now been four days since the incident and I am still fielding calls from news websites, radio stations and Twitter commenters.

Read the rest

Cassetteboy's latest video is an amazing, danceable anti-Snoopers Charter mashup


Cassetteboy, last seen with this amazing video about David Cameron's relationship with dead pigs, is back with a new video that mashes up the UK Prime Minister and Home Secretary/Sith Lord Theresa May describing the real powers in the notorious Snoopers Charter (a far-reaching spying bill), set to the Police's "I'll Be Watching You" (what else?). Read the rest

Digital Dance (1982) was a trippy computer-animated blot of pixels

Digital Dancer
Ed Tannenbaum animated Digital Dance in 1982. The post-disco music is by Might Dog (anyone know anything about it?), the dancer is Pons Maar, and Jim Wiseman shot the footage. Once again, I'm struck by how much glitch aesthetics are about creating memories, not deconstructing technology. Read the rest

Watch a 60,000 psi water jet cut gadgets in half


The Omax Abrasive Waterjet cuts the hell out of things at 180 inches per minute and can be financed at 3.95% APR. They've got plenty of videos of their machines in action on various metals and such, but the unoffical YouTube channel Cut In Half is much more fun. Read the rest

Donny & Marie Osmond sing Steely Dan's "Reelin' In The Years" (1978)


The animated graphics before the song starts are the best thing about this 1978 video. Donny and Marie's outfits are the second best thing. Their dancing is the third best thing. Their puffy hair-dos are the fourth best thing. The dancers with the giant bunny tales are the fifth best thing. The song is the second worst thing. The comedy routine at the end is the worst thing.


The only Osmonds song I really like is "Chilly Winds": Read the rest

Fun "perpetual motion" gizmo made from office supplies


I was wondering how this "swing thing" kept going. I had to make the video full screen to see the power source. Very cool! Read the rest

The worst gadget ever supplies mains power over USB


We've written often about how dreadful and dangerous cheapo third-party power supplies and adapters get, but the Swees QY08-05010 hub takes the cake: it supplies full mains power over USB. Clive Mitchell writes:

"Although I've come across some really dodgy power supplies with poor insulation between the mains and low voltage sides, this is the first one where the USB ports have carried full mains current. (via a rectifier)

It's a Swees QY08-05010 with this model and style carrying various other branding as well. Oddly it does appear to be relatively sensibly designed inside, but this one has a serious manufacturing fault that suggests others from the same run may also pose a risk of serious electric shock."

In the UK, that's what, 240 volts at 900 milliamps, if you fancy yer chances? Come for the horror, stay for Mitchell's wonderful technical review! Sadly, the Amazon product page for the Swees 5-port model has been taken down. If you're feeling lucky, though, you can always see how quickly their portable battery pack charges your fingers. (Update: don't) Read the rest

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