Listen to 911 call of very stoned drivers turning themselves in


These two gents were allegedly transporting 20 pounds of marijuana from Las Vegas to Montana. When they were driving through Idaho, they suspected that police were tailing them and they called 911 to turn themselves in. They were arrested, and when one of the men showed up in court to plead guilty, he tested positive for marijuana.

Here's an equally weird call that David posted in 2007 about an epically stoned police officer from Dearborn, Michigan who made pot brownies with his wife and called 911 to report that he and his wife had died. Read the rest

Bad supercar driver compilation


Millions of dollars went into the making of this supercut, starring Bentleys, Lamborghinis, Maseratis, Ferraris, and their terrible drivers. Read the rest

1950s live television: tricks of carnival game swindlers


This is a fascinating seven-minute segment from a 1950s television show called You Asked for It, which exposes the tricks of crooked carnival concession games. Robert Haskell, the vice president of the Society of American Magicians at the time, demonstrated the props and chicanery used by dishonest midway game operators that make it impossible to win. [via] Read the rest

Live Beatles recording from 1958 "In Spite of All The Danger"


The Beatles were known as The Quarrymen in 1958. Here's George, John, and Paul (no Ringo), performing "In Spite of All The Danger" on acoustic instruments.

Wikipedia has a good article about the song:

"In Spite of All the Danger" is one of the first songs recorded by The Quarrymen, then composed of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, pianist John Lowe and drummer Colin Hanton.

The song was written by McCartney and Harrison and is the only song to credit the two alone. It is believed to have been recorded on Saturday 12 July 1958 (three days before Lennon's mother's death). However, that recording date is disputed by the group. The recording was made at Percy Phillips' home studio in Liverpool (see 1958 in music), and cost 17 shillings and six pence (87.5p).

Here's Paul McCartney, many years later, talking about "In Spite of All The Danger" and performing it solo on guitar: [via] Read the rest

Perry Farrell (Jane's Addiction) sings The Beatles' "Here Comes The Sun"

From George Fest: A Night To Celebrate The Music Of George Harrison that took place in L.A. in 2014. Also making the scene were Norah Jones, Wayne Coyne (Flaming Lips), Dhani Harrison (George's son), Ian Astbury (The Cult), Britt Daniel (Spoon), Ben Harper, Ann Wilson (Heart), and many others. The whole event will be available next month on CD, Blu-Ray, digital download, and vinyl. Trailer below.

George Fest: A Night To Celebrate The Music Of George Harrison (Amazon)

Read the rest

Listen to David Bowie impersonate Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young and others


A tape has emerged of David Bowie doing impressions of other singers, apparently on-demand.

Slate made a playlist.

Here’s the order of the impressions, as best as we can tell:

0:00 Bruce Springsteen 0:49 Bob Dylan or Marc Bolan? 1:45 Tom Waits 2:29 Lou Reed 3:25 Anthony Newley 4:13 Iggy Pop 5:14 Neil Young

"I'm just fuckin' about now."

They're pretty good, but they're all David! Read the rest

Watch Pages of Death, the long-lost anti-porn public information film

pages of death

Oregon Historical Society has posted Pages of Death, a "long-lost" anti-pornography movie in similar vein to the legendary Reefer Madness: "These kids can pick up girly magazines and sex-violence stuff all over town!"

It was released in 1962, much later than most of those propaganda exploitation flicks. If it was already old-fashioned at the time it came out, that fact might not be obvious to present-day viewers.

The blurb follows… Read the rest

Anthony Geary of General Hospital touts the virtues of Members Only jackets (1982)

"When I put one on, something happens." (Thanks, UPSO!)

Read the rest

The Force is with this beautiful short Star Wars fan movie


Kara, protected by her father, stumbles through the sands of Jakku as a dogfight erupts overhead. Where is she headed? Joe Sill's fan movie is trim, affecting and very well-made. The performances are good enough to make me wonder, just a little, why the official Star Wars movies have to be so stagey. [via] Read the rest

Strategic butt coverings in video games

maxresdefault (10)

Feminist Frequency's excellent Tropes vs Women in Video Games has a new installment on the prevailing ways that characters' butts are presented in games: with female characters, they're emphasized, centered and revealed; with male characters, it's often literally impossible to see their butts.

Read the rest

Diesel sings about "Sausalito Summernights"


Another mile to Frisco... 200 gallons from LA!

The engine's stompin' like a disco... We oughta dump her in the bay!

Read the rest

Tiny NanoDrone gets a camera


Our friends at TRNDlabs, who sponsored our Weekend of Wonder, have announced the new SKEYE Nano Drone with Camera.

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Comedian Jon Benjamin should have learned to play piano


Famed titular voice of Archer, and Bob of Bob's Burgers, Jon Benjamin has recorded a jazz album. Interestingly, Benjamin can't play piano, and really doesn't like jazz.

Benjamin brought a ton of great jazz musicians into the studio and recorded an album, but he can't play at all. What happens is really pretty cool! NPR has a great interview.

I'm certainly finding the album fun. Jazz daredevil indeed!

Well, I Should Have...* by Jon Benjamin via Amazon Read the rest

Derek Zoolander: The Vogue Interview


From Vogue's "73 Questions" series. Below, this month's Vogue cover, shot by Annie Leibovitz.

Read the rest

Boneless simulated human tumbling through endless giant LEDs


Can't get enough of nude, 3D-modelled humans with the internal physics of bags of jelly interacting with physics simulations? We've got you covered with Albert Omoss's Plug Party 2K3. (via JWZ) Read the rest

50 Shades of Mr. Bean


This perfectly-edited mashup of 50 Shades of Gray and Mr. Bean has it all: lust, submission, and ill-fitting tweed. Read the rest

Naked squishy people falling down

animation (2)

Once you've got a human-shaped 3D model that you've imbued with a suitably squishy physics, what do you do? You could torture thousands of them in a virtual infernal device straight out of The Wasp Factory, but why bother when you can strip them naked and drop them in perfect columns? (via Kottke) Read the rest

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