Texas gun owners lament new open carry laws

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Appears the new open carry laws in Texas, which have expressly allowed guns onto College campuses and into psychiatric hospitals, are back firing against open and concealed carry enthusiasts. Private business and property owners can ban firearms from their property by either posting signs, or verbally informing armed people they are not welcome to carry their weapons. Firearms enthusiasts are finding a lot of new signs around Texas.

The Trace has observed a wonderful exchange on a Texas gun rights forum:

Others had a more measured responses. “I would LOVE to OC everywhere I go,” Lynyrd wrote. “The fact is, it makes some people uncomfortable. Time may change that, but it will take years.” He cautioned his fellow gun owners to remember that “most all of the places we go outside our homes is still PRIVATE PROPERTY.” (Business owners can verbally notify open-carrying customers that they are not welcome in their establishments, regardless of whether a sign is posted or not.)

Weighing in again, the original poster, LTUME1978, felt that for Texas’s concealed carriers, the damage had been done. “The lid is off this can of worms and it will never go back,” reads a later post in the thread. “I hope the right to walk around looking like Wyatt Earp is worth it to the open carry folks because a lot of us are loosing our right to concealed carry and it may cost some of us our lives for your privilege to play cowboy.”

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Tearful Obama calls for 'sense of urgency' to fight gun violence in America

January 5, 2016. REUTERS

President Obama wept today as he spoke today about the ever-increasing waves of gun violence throughout America. He announced new executive actions to reduce the frequency of mass shootings, suicides and other gun killings, which have become a common part of life in our country.

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33,636 Gun Deaths Visualized


Matt Haughey says: "What follows are gun emoji shown at about 28pt using Apple’s emoji font in Textedit screencaptured. Every single one represents a person that died by gunshot in the US in 2013." Read the rest

Whatever you think we should do about 3D printed guns, this isn't it


The US government has tried to apply its arms export control rules to 3D model files that describe firearms, and declare that publishing those files is the same thing as exporting guns, and is therefore prohibited. Whatever you think about 3D printed guns, love 'em or loathe 'em, that's a terrible way to deal with them. Read the rest

A Good Guy With a Gun


If the only answer to "a bad guy with a gun" is "a good guy with a gun," we are totally screwed. Read the rest

The no-fly list really is a no-brainer


Whatever you think of gun control, Obama's assertion that "Closing the No-Fly List loophole is a no-brainer" is pretty brainless.

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#GOPdildo: shooping dildos into GOP gun-totin' photos


Matt "Metafilter" Haughey's got a new election-season pass-time: he's taking photos that GOP politicians post of themselves holding guns and replacing the BFGs with massive sex-toys, exposing a deep and comic truth. Read the rest

Every time there's a mass shooting, gun execs & investors gloat about future earnings


The Intercept reviewed the earnings calls for gun manufacturers, retailers and distributors from the past several years' worth of investor filings, and found a sad and predictable pattern: every mass shooting in America is followed by hand-rubbing glee from the gun profiteers, who cynically plan campaigns to capitalize on trauma and fear by selling lots more firearms. Read the rest

Husband and wife terror team behind San Bernardino massacre had thousands of bullets

An SUV with its windows shot out that police suspect was the getaway vehicle in San Bernardino, December 2, 2015.  REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

The attackers who shot to death some 14 people at a holiday party in San Bernardino had enough ammunition and explosive devices to kill hundreds more people, investigators said today. The FBI is now leading the investigation to figure out whether the attack was terrorism, a workplace grudge, both, or something else.

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In the first 334 days of 2015, America has seen 351 mass shootings (and counting)


The data from Mass Shooting Tracker tell the tale: America averages more than one mass shooting every single day.

In the first 334 days of 2015, America has seen 351 mass shootings, and counting.

2015 is on track to be the deadliest year in American history, having already beat 2014, and likely to zoom past 2013's 363 mass shootings.

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14 killed in mass shooting in San Bernardino, CA.

SWAT team active at San Bernadino mass shooting site. Photo: @crimeshutterbug

UPDATE:5 a.m., Thursday : Investigators now believe that there were two assailants, not three, and that both were killed in the SUV shootout. They were named as Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, and Tashfeen Malik, 27.

UPDATE:5:30 p.m. The New York Times reports that one of the three attackers "had worked at the facility and recently had a dispute with fellow employees, according to law enforcement officials. A witness has told police that although the gunmen had their faces covered, one of them sounded and appeared very similar to an employee who had left the facility earlier in the day. “They had their appearances covered but a witness believed it had been someone who worked there,” said one official."

UPDATE:4:30 p.m. According to the most recent reports, one suspect is still on the run. One officer has been injured. The victims of the mass shooting were reportedly attending a Health Department luncheon; the attackers' motives remain unclear.

UPDATE:3:38 p.m. Live footage shows SWAT teams converging on a stationary, shot-up black SUV in San Bernadino. According to police, it is the escape vehicle from the earlier mass shooting. One person within the vehicle "rolled out" and surrendered to authorities, they report. Two in the vehicle opened fire, one was reportedly shot and killed, and the other taken into custody.

UPDATE:3:35 p.m. At least one pipe bomb was found at a house on E San Bernardino Rd., according to reporters citing police scanners, and nearby residents evacuated.

In San Bernardino, CA, at least 14 people have been killed and 14 more injured after a mass shooting this morning. Read the rest

In just a few keystrokes and five scenes, the most striking game about guns

A shot rings out in the dark, lighting up one of dozens of faceless windows in front of you. This game is about the feelings that follow.

US governors vow to protect citizens from mass-shooters if they are Syrian


Pete Reynolds in McSweeney's, proving that humor is a better source of news than the news is: "I refuse to support special interest groups whose sole mission is to profit from putting weapons into the hands of people, if those people are Syrians." Read the rest

Two rampage killer attacks today in California. Great job, America.


One attack took place at the University of California Merced campus: 5 stabbed, suspect commits suicide by cop. Another attack in San Diego, in a mixed residential and business area north of the city core known as Banker's Hill. The San Diego shooting is an "active situation" at the time of this blog post. Read the rest

Bizarre automatic handgun with "horseshoe" magazine


This very odd handgun is a c.1925 French "Union" automatic pistol with "a 35-round "horseshoe" magazine to provide maximum capacity without overly hampering the gun's handling." (Forgotten Weapons)

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A peek inside Iraq's most notorious weapons market


The fun-loving Chinese journalists in this segment manage to out-VICE VICE. 侣行 On the Road is billed as “a homemade outdoor reality show” featuring an "extreme couple" who love adventure. The pair and their team got some great footage of an open-air weapons market in Sadr City.

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Guns don't kill people, dogs with guns kill people


Following up on their highly successful data-driven charticle about toddlers shooting people to death in America, the Washington Post publishes a new infographic about all the people being shot to death by dogs.

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