'Toddlers are being detained.' 3 Trump 'Tender Age' immigrant baby jails confirmed, more are coming

“Toddlers are being detained.” Read the rest

The EU is about to "end everything that's good and pure about the internet"

On Gizmodo, Rhett Jones pulls no punches about Article 13 and Article 11 -- a pair of copyright proposals that go up for a committee vote in the EU in mere hours. Read the rest

In less than 24 HOURS, an EU committee votes on whether to mass-censor the global internet

We've got less than a day until the key vote on the wording of the new EU Copyright Directive, when members of the EU's legislative committee will vote on whether to include controversial mass censorship language in the proposal that the parliament will vote on. Read the rest

"Wah wah" -- Corey Lewandowski mocks ten-year-old girl with Down Syndrome being taken from her mother

Ah, so this is were we are now: Trump's campaign manager can finally let his psychopath flag fly without fear of universal and permanent censure. Read the rest

'Shame!' DHS Sec. Nielsen shouted down at Mexican restaurant, exits to loud protests

She picks a Mexican restaurant. The irony is not lost on anyone.

Read the rest

'Mister President, don’t you have kids!'

As Donald Trump and Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen walk by, Rep. Juan Vargas shouts, 'Mister President, don’t you have kids!' Read the rest

'Family detention' existed under Obama, too. But systematically separating kids is all new.

THE LOWDOWN: Here's an immigration lawyer's first-hand account of confronting former President Barack Obama on family detention centers. Trump's a monster, but failings of previous administrations paved the way for his abuses. Read the rest

U.S. withdraws from U.N. Human Rights Council, calling it 'not worthy of its name.'

Trump envoy Nikki Haley today said the United States is withdrawing from the U.N. Human Rights Council. Read the rest

Yet another Trump White House staffer is leaving.

"More than 60 percent of those who served in senior positions at the beginning of the administration have exited." Read the rest

Starbucks is closing 150 stores

The coffee chain Starbucks today announced plans to close 150 locations. Read the rest

Automated list of people on LinkedIn who claim to work for ICE

Sam Lavigne wrote a script that scrapes LinkedIn to create a handy list of people who work for ICE, lately responsible for various unlawful and totalitarian acts in the name of policing immigrants to the United States of America. Read the rest

Pencil dice: a D6 in pencil form

Roll Sebastian Bergne's $3.33 pencil dice across the table to get a randomish value from 1-6. Useful for writing choose-your-own-adventures! (via Geekologie) Read the rest

Restaurant taco holders on sale today

American Metalcraft makes restaurant equipment, but you can buy these stainless steel taco holders for home use on Amazon. The have a model that holds 2 tacos, and another that holds 3, which is on sale today for $6.52. We use them at least once a week, and love them. Who on earth wants a taco shell sitting on its side, disgorging its contents on the plate? Not me. Read the rest

1,500 pounds of dynamite make quick work of these cooling towers

Watching the graceful fall of these cooling towers in Jacksonville, Florida offers a momentary reprieve from the fall of western civilization. Read the rest

Russia buffs strategic Baltic nuclear bunker

As President Trump continues his campaign to piss off anyone who’s not a Nazi or the leader of an oppressive dictatorship, CNN is reporting that Russia may have dropped some serious coin to modernize a strategically-placed nuclear weapons storage facility. The facility is located in Kaliningrad – a wee bit of Russia all jammed up between Poland and the Baltics.

From CNN:

On Monday, the Federation of American Scientists (FAS) published aerial photographs that the group says show the facility in the Baltic outpost has been under major renovation since 2016.

FAS said the images document refurbishments at the site back in 2016, when one of three underground bunkers at the location was excavated and deepened before it appeared to have been covered over in recent months, "presumably to return (to) operational status soon."

Now, here’s the fun part. Despite the fact that the bunker is designed for the secure storage and deployment of nuclear weapons for use by the Russian Air Force and Naval dual-capable forces, there’s no knowing whether it has ever stored nuclear weapons in the past or whether it will do so in the future: just because a military installation comes packing mission capabilities doesn’t mean that it has to use them. It’s the world’s shittiest shell game!

Even without the atomic weapons being packed into the Kaliningrad bunker, the joint still serves a purpose. The installation is one of the most westerly located in Russia. Upgrading it, in a manner that’s observable via areal photography or satellite imagery, provides an unspoken political message: The Russia that’s currently hosting the World Cup is the same one that invaded Ukraine in 2014, vandalized Georgia in 2008 and continues to giddily weaponize the baltic region, prompting a tactical response from NATO. Read the rest

The value of CryptoKitties has plummeted

CryptoKitties are "digital collectibles" in the form of cartoon cats that people can buy, sell, and breed using cryptocurrency. In December someone paid US$155,000 for a single cryptokitty. In March investors who should know better, like Andreessen Horowitz and Union Square Ventures, gave CryptoKitties $12 million. In the months that followed, both the trading activity and the price of Cryptokitties has nearly bottomed out.

From ScienceAlert:

The number of CryptoKitties transactions decreased in June by 98.4 percent compared to its peak of 80,500 transactions back in December 2017, according to data from Bloxy.


The average price of CryptoKitties seems to have decreased dramatically, as well. Blockchain analytics site Diar pegs the average price around US$5 per digital cat, a decline from what Diar suggests was its all-time median high of around US$41.

Who would have thought people would lose interest in paying lots of money for drawings of cats that look like something an earnest middle-school student would post on her DeviantArt page?

The company hopes to reignite interest in CryptoKitties by introducing two exciting game components: "KittyBattles" and "KittyHats." Read the rest

Frankensteinian blue jeans-mesh monstrosity on sale for $236

Regularly priced at $590, Bless Mesh Jeans are on sale for the bargain price of $236.

"Making use of vintage 501 Levi's, these jeans feature an asymmetrical fold along the fly and a tan mesh panel down the full length of one side."

[via Weird Universe] Read the rest

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