New Jersey governor Chris Christie suns self on beach he closed to the public

It was a lovely weekend in New Jersey, and governor Chris Christie celebrated it by closing a popular beach, which he then subsequently occupied with his family. Then he lied about it, until drone footage proved it.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is facing heavy criticism after he was photographed relaxing on a state beach he had ordered closed to the public.

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Ron DeSantis has fallen so low, Chris Christie is now second to Trump in New Hampshire

Make America Florida? No thanks, says New Hampshire's Republican primary voters in a new survey conducted by Emerson College Polling, in which Chris Christie leapfrogged over Ron DeSantis into second place, behind Donald Trump.

This is a far cry from the days of yesteryear — as in last March — when DeSantis and Trump were tied in New Hampshire at 39%-39%, according to Axios, and DeSantis was considered to be a candidate showing "early state strength." — Read the rest

Chris Christie announces candidacy by attacking Ivanka and Jared: "The grift from this family is breathtaking"

Chris Christie announced his 2024 presidential candidacy yesterday with a bang, wasting no time in hammering the Trump family — specifically Ivanka and Jared Kushner.

"Let me tell you something, everybody. The grift from this family is breathtaking. It's breathtaking," the opportunistic, former New Jersey governor said to a roomful of people in Manchester, New Hampshire, slinging the same insults he's made for years about the avaricious couple. — Read the rest

Chris Christie's niece attacks and injures six deputies after accusing a Latino family of smuggling cocaine on plane

Ex-New Jersey governor Chris Christie, the petulant, bridge-closing, Trump-worshiping, poor-man's Tony Soprano, has a niece after his own heart. Shannon Epstein, 25, was on a Spirit airlines plane on the runway at Louis Armstrong International Airport in Lousianna when she reportedly began accusing a Latino family of being drug mules. — Read the rest

Despite continuous prime-time attention by a fawning media, Chris Christie fails to sell over 2,500 copies of his book

Ex-New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is best known for three things:

  1.  Closing Island Beach State Park during a government shutdown then taking an expensive taxpayer-funded family holiday there.
  2. His disastrous handling of the deadly lane closure of the George Washington Bridge, which he is suspected of ordering to exact revenge on a mayor who didn't support his reelection bid.
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Testimony: Chris Christie laughed when told of bridge closures

Earlier this year, Chris Christie appointee David Wildstein pleaded guilty to ordering lane closings on the George Washington bridge in 2003 to punish a New Jersey mayor for not supporting Christie's gubernatorial bid. Wildstein is now a star witness against two other people in Christie's inner circle who've been charged with conspiring to close the bridge lanes. — Read the rest