• Cargo trains in LA raided for Amazon packages Cargo train image

    For most people, the fear of thieves stealing their Amazon packages happens once the items are delivered. There's that weird period where the coveted item you've been craving for a whole day rests vulnerably on your doorstep like an infant at a firehouse. Maybe you're running errands or at work when you get the notification that your package is waiting for you, but, in either scenario, the apprehension is the same. It doesn't matter about the affluence of your neighborhood or how upstanding your neighbors seem; the fear, no matter how slender, exists in the back of your mind. Unfortunately, you can now add the prospect of your package getting stolen long before it reaches your door to your list of worries.

    In the video linked above, Inside Edition, of all places, covers a cargo train in Los Angeles getting gutted for the valuable Amazon items housed inside. As if the crime wasn't detestable enough, the trash littered across the rails is an equally appalling sight.

  • Oscar Issac joins the Marvel cinematic universe as Moon Knight Moon Knight Trailer

    When Samuel L Jackson sauntered across the screen in 2008's Iron Man, spouting promises of a connected Marvel universe in film, my lifelong nerd noodle began to rifle through a potential roster of films. Like any good geek from that era, I knew Marvel's big guns—The Fantastic FourSpider-ManDaredevil, and the X-Men—were locked down with other movie studios. If Marvel wanted to make their own movie studio work, they would need to rely on their second-string heroes. Of all the characters I considered, Moon Knight never crossed my mind as I pondered who Marvel would potentially select for their future adaptations. 

    That's not because the character is terrible on the page. Moon Knight has been pretty hit or miss throughout his career but far more hit than miss. It's just that Moon Knight was seemingly too obscure for mainstream attention. Only weird, obsessive nerds like me would be excited to see the character on the big screen. Cut to today, and Marvel has turned the entire planet into weird, obsessive nerds like me. So, not only is Moon Knight getting an adaptation, but, dig this, it's hotly-anticipated.

    The ever-talented Oscar Issac dons Moon Knight's signature white hood in a trailer that looks as trippy as anything Marvel's produced in the video linked above. 

  • A Calvinesque and Hobbesian look at being a loser

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  • Gaslands UK Car of the Month

    I'm a huge fan of Gaslands, the tabletop sci-fi miniatures game where players convert die cast toy cars (Matchbox, Hot Wheels) into post-apocalyptic combat vehicles that fight it out over an irradiated wasteland called Earth.

    I love the game itself, but my main attraction is the Mad Max-y car conversion part. As a lifelong miniatures gamer, I have long flirted with the idea of learning sculpting (both analog and digital) so that I can design and cast my own minis. Gaslands has allowed legions of tabletop gamers to become miniature designers and builders.

    There are so many amazing Gaslands car conversions to be found on the Internet. Each month, a YouTube channel called Gaslands UK Car of the Month features a build theme, the entries on that theme, and declares a winner.

    Image: Screengrab

  • An owner of the Golden State Warriors claims "no one cares about the Uyghur Muslims" Golden State Image

    Recently the NBA has come under fire for its continued relationship with China. Since the NBA has chosen to position its brand as a beacon of social justice issues related to race, many have labeled the organization's inability to denounce China's genocide of the Uyghur Muslims as hypocritical at best and sinister at worst. Lebron James, who infamously skirted the double standard to curry favor with his Chinese business partners, faced a wave of scrutiny for his selective activism last year. With the torrents of lousy press spewing from the issue, one would think anyone associated with the NBA would avoid the problem entirely with some clever PR sleight of hand. Chamath Palihapitiya, a minority owner of the Golden State Warriors, took a different approach and claimed that no one cared about the Uyghur genocide.

    During a podcast, tech Billionaire Chamath Palihapitiya callously said that the Uyghur genocide in China was "below his line" regarding news issues that deserve his attention.

    "You bring it up because you really care, and I think that's nice that you care; the rest of us don't care," Palihapitiya said while discussing human rights with his co-hosts. "I'm telling you a very hard, ugly truth. Of all the things that I care about, yes, it is below my line."


    Palihapitiya has since doubled back on the statement in an equally emotionless tweet that only obliquely references his offensive comments.

  • Mr. Noseybonk was the children's televison character from your nightmares

    Mr. Noseybonk was a creepy character who solved puzzles in a British show called Jigsaw from 1979-1984. Mr. Noseybonk was mute, always up to mischief, and had a giant, bulbous nose protruding from his ever-grinning, nightmarish face. I wouldn't be surprised if he was the culprit for many children's night terrors in the '80s. In this clip from Jigsaw, Mr Noseybonk spends some time in the garden. He plants some seeds which, to his delight, sprout into more giant noses.


  • This Psychedelic Brim Coffee commercial will make you wonder what was really in these folks' cups

    This Psychedelic Brim Coffee Commercial features people sipping on Brim decaffeinated coffee with psychedelic patterns and designs coming out of their noggins. The commercial credits the flavor for the psychedelic effect. Although Brim was just being hip to the times with this commercial, I'm sure that many people in the 60s would have loved to drink a cup of coffee that has these tricks up its sleeve.

  • I want to play with the toys on this beach in this Aphex Twin video

    I want to play with the toys on this beach in the music video for Aphex Twin's 1993 track On. The video was directed by Jarvis Cocker of the band Pulp. Through stop-motion technology, a bunch of seemingly random things such as a giant ear, a pair of scissors, sculptures, toys, and a scuba diver, come together to frolic around on the shore. I love the way that stop-motion can bring inanimate objects to life like this. Apart from these fanatstic visuals, "On" always puts my mind in a good place with it's hypnotic sound.

  • This Tamagotchi-knockoff has a hole to stick your finger in

    The Punirines Touchable Digital Pet has a hole in the side so you can insert your finger and "feel" the virtual creature inside, which is advertisd as being "very squishy and addictive to touch!"

    From Core 77:

    This strange Japanese amusement device walks the line between innovative and creepy. The Punirines Touchable Digital Pet is, like the original Tamagotchi… a digital pet trapped inside an electronic case. But there's a finger-sized hole in the Punirines' case, so you can insert a digit and "pet" your Punirines. An animation of your finger appears on-screen, and you feel a texture—described as "squishy" in the product copy below—on your fingertip.

    I'm not doing it unless the Reverend Mother holds a poisoned needle to against my neck.


  • Congressman Dan Crenshaw got heckled after snapping at a girl

    Bullying is the new normal for GOP politicians. Every day there is a target — whether that be school shooting survivors, Dr. Fauci, or even their own colleagues in Congress — who gets mocked, intimidated, or even violently threatened by the leaders of the Republican-turned-Trump party.

    But last night the MAGA folk who bow down to these leaders drew a line. When Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R–TX) tried to bully a young girl at a Montgomery County Tea Party meeting in Texas last night, he got heckled (video below).

    It started when the girl took the mic to bring up a comment Crenshaw had made about Jesus on the "leadership and discipline" Jocko Podcast (see clip of his podcast comment at bottom of post).

    Quoting Crenshaw, she said, "The most important thing here is that we have important hero archetypes that we look up to. Jesus is a hero archetype, Superman is a hero archetype. Real characters too, I could name a thousand, Rosa Parks and Ronald Reagan too. End quote." The girl then said to Crenshaw, "I can't wrap my head around this."

    "I'll help you," Crenshaw snapped in a menacing tone that anyone who has been bullied will recognize. "Put a period after the word Jesus and don't question my faith."

    And the crowd immediately reacted:


    "Don't say things like that to a 10-year-old girl!"


    "You moron!"

    "You're talking to a kid like that!?"

    Crenshaw softened his tone but didn't back down. "Don't question my faith. You guys can ask questions about all of these things and I'll answer that but don't question my faith."

    The girl didn't back down either. "I didn't question your faith. This is what you said."

    The fully grown congressman continued to spar with the child, who stood her ground, until the crowd finally went into default mode, shouting, "Let's go Brandon!"

    Unfortunately the person shooting the video didn't know how to work a camera, flipping it sideways halfway through. But here it is anyway:

  • Save $130 off this portable heated foot massager that you can take with you everywhere Massager

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    The Zyllion Shiatsu is a portable foot massager that works with heat to give you a sensation of pressure and deep rolling, breaking down muscle tension. The soft-touch foot chambers with removable, washable covers and sleek control panel are designed to keep your comfort and cleanliness as top priorities. 

    Customization is key when it comes to fulfilling your wants and needs and the Zyllion Shiatsu provides plenty of options. This massager has three well-defined massage modes to choose from and three strength levels to adjust the power of what you're looking for. Additionally, there are heat and air compression functions that can be used separately, together, or not at all. 

    With a high 4.7 out of 5-star rating, this is a product that's proven to not only be useful for winding down after a long day, but it's capable of changing and bettering lives. In fact, it even received a glowing review from a customer suffering from diabetes, who mentioned, "Regular evening use has greatly reduced my uncomfortable nightly tingling sensations felt in the feet by most diabetics,"

    Give your partner's hands a break and your feet the attention they deserve with the Zyllion Shiatsu foot massager, now 52% off its original price and on sale for $120 — your feet will thank you later. 

    Prices subject to change. 

  • Bawdy Tales is a book of art and writing that has been banned 200 years

    Our friends at Feral House have a new book out called, Bawdy Tales and Trifles of Devilries for Ladies and Gentlemen of Experience.

    From the publisher:

    We want to introduce you to art and writing that has been banned throughout the western world for nearly 200 hundred years.

    Bawdy Tales is a complete collection of Eugene Lepoittevin's drawings paired with a selection of historical "naughty" poetry, ballads, and bon mots from the 14th through the early 19th centuries.

    Lepoittevin's Devils first appeared to rousing acclaim in 1832. His original devil character was an impish troublemaker. At the behest of his publisher, he created multiple series of lithographs featuring his devils ala erotique. The drawings are more humorous than titillating and reflect the sense of absurdity prevalent in European eroticism.

    Even so, the pictures were long banned in Europe and the United States until the 1960s. The United States government went so far as to seize Dr. Kinsey's personal collection of the Lepoittevin lithographs in 1956.

    Again, the images are rude and hysterically funny. The writings are culled from rare humorous sexually-charged pastiches covertly printed exclusively for collectors by underground publishers.

    The pieces had been hidden in the Private Case of the British Library and the L'Enfer of the Biblioteque nationale du France before dedicated researchers uncovered the works from the 1970s until today.

    Bawdy Tales is designed as an homage to those secretive banned books, using vegan leather and gold embossing to simulate vintage morocco binding. Art Historian Sarah Burns introduces Lepoittevin's work and career. Expert and collector of written erotica, "Lady Fanny Woodcock" contributes a short history of the erotic book in Western culture.

    See the NSFW video.

    This book would have definitely been featured on SNL's "Tales of Ribaldry!"

  • These food ingredients make your mouth feel numb, shocked, or buzzed with a vibrator

    Certain plant-based ingredients contain compounds that make your mouth feel numb or buzzy when you eat them.

    Sichuan (or Szechuan) pepper husks contain a compound called sanshool thay "makes it feel like there's a continuous tactile stimulation while you're eating it, which accounts for that buzzing sensation many people report," according to Dennis Lee's article in The Takeout.

    There's also cloves, which contain a nartural anesthetic called eugenol, which is why some people use clove oil for a toothache (and why clove cigarettes are such smooth smokes).

    The author also describes his experience with a small yellow flower called a buzz button, which contains spilanthol:

    A long time ago I had the opportunity to try an ingredient called a buzz button during a fine dining meal. It was a small yellow flower bud perched on top of the dish, and after I chewed it up (it had a grassy, herbaceous flavor), my entire mouth felt like it was being electrified with one continuous shock. I'd never had anything like it.

    Due to its numbing properties, spilanthol has been used for toothaches. It's extracted from buzz buttons and turned into a concentrate called jambu oleoresin, which is used for flavoring and for therapeutic purposes. The National Collaborating Centre for Environmental Health of Canada has a pretty interesting paper on buzz buttons covering its uses.

  • Megachurch pastor sorry for rubbing spit all over man's face during sermon

    Tulsa, Oklahoma megachurch pastor Mike Todd apologized after the above video went viral depicting him spitting in his hand and rubbing it on a man's face during a sermon.

    "Receiving vision from God might get nasty," he told his congregants.

    After he does the deed, the audience is audibly shocked, prompting Todd to say, "How you just reacted is how the people in your life will react when God is doing what it takes for the miracle."

    Turns out the man who got the spit bath was Todd's brother, but still.

    From Yahoo! News:

    "I was trying to make the word come alive," he said of the video[…]

    "It's never my intention to distract others from God's Word and the message of Jesus… even with illustrations!" Todd wrote on Twitter. "I apologize for my example being too extreme and disgusting! I Love Everybody."

  • Dumb US Capitol rioters called Nancy Pelosi's office looking for items they lost or left behind

    In the days following the Capitol Riots of January 7, 2021, some of the idiots who stormed into the building called the offices of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to ask about items like mobile phones or purses they lost or left behind during the chaos. This tidbit is according to Rep. Jamie Raskin who spoke to Insider:

    "The officers quickly got on the phone and said, yeah, just give us your name, your address, your social, you know, and we'll tie up those loose ends," Raskin said. "But what's so fascinating to me about that there really were people who felt as if they had been summoned to Washington by the president." […]

    The seemingly self-incriminating phone calls, Raskin explained, were also an indicator of how central former President Donald Trump was to the thousands of Americans who came to DC for a protest and ended up storming the Capitol.

    Raskin added that the "lost and found" episode also demonstrates a challenge facing the House select committee investigating January 6, where Raskin is one of the Democratic members.

    "And when they were told that they were trespassing and invading the Capitol, they said the president invited them to be there," he said. "They didn't have any kind of subtle understanding of the separation of powers. They just thought that the number one person in the US government had invited them to be there, and therefore they had a right.

    (via Dave Pell's NextDraft)

    image: US Capitol Photo – https://twitter.com/robertpjones/status/1346923972592496641/photo/1 (public domain)

  • Watch a FedEx driver's rude but pitch-perfect drive-by package throw

    It sucks to have your packages hurled onto your porch from a delivery person who is so efficient with their time, they don't even step out of the car. But you have to admire this FedEx driver's perfect aim and velocity of the throw. Let's just hope the contents of the package were shatterproof.

  • More shark attacks happen during the full moon

    Perhaps sharks are water werewolves. Marine biologists studied more than 50 years of global data from the International Shark Attack File and found a clear correlation between shark attacks and the fuller phases of the moon. From LSU:

    "It's not a matter of more light at night for sharks to see. Most shark attacks occur in the daylight. However, the moon can exert other forces on Earth and its oceans in ways that are much more subtle—for example, the gravitation pull that we see affect the tides," Steve Midway, LSU associate professor and researcher on the project said[…]

    The scientists say it is still too early to demonstrate that lunar illumination is a causative factor for shark attacks. However, their new data serves as a building block towards better understanding shark attacks and could be useful for developing recommendations for water-based recreational activities in the future. 

    "Shark Side of the Moon: Are Shark Attacks Related to Lunar Phase?" (Frontiers in Marine Science)

    image: Alexius Sutandio/Shutterstock.com

  • Watch a plane land at the "world's most dangerous airport"

    Built in 1964 under the direction of pioneering Mount Everest mountaineer Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay, the Lukla Airport (aka Tenzing-Hillary Airport) in Nepal is considered "the most dangerous airport in the world." Below, a video of a plane landing there and the cockpit view from another landing. From Wikipedia:

    Arriving and departing aircraft must use a single runway[…] There is a low prospect of a successful go-around on short final approach due to the terrain. There is high terrain immediately beyond the northern end of the runway and a steeply angled drop at the southern end of the runway into the valley below.

    Due to the difficulties of successfully landing at the airport, the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal sets high standards, according to which only experienced pilots, who have completed at least 100 short-takeoff-and-landing (STOL) missions, have over one year of STOL experience in Nepal, and have completed ten flights into Lukla with a certified instructor pilot, are allowed to land at the airport.

  • Save over $1,000 on this like-new MacBook Air Macbook

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    Even years later, the MacBook Air is picking up great reviews like this 4.5 out of 5 stars on TrustedReviews, who said "The basic design of the MacBook Air hasn't changed for several years, but we're yet to see a rival conclusively beat it. It's a timeless piece of design."  With its fantastic design and cool features (that you can check out), the MacBook Air continues to wow customers and critics alike. You'll be able to get your hands on one for only $368!

    Be sure to grab this great piece of technology for 75% off the normal price! With a faster processor and long battery life than the original, it won't run just like new, it'll be better!

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