Hollow bookends that contain dioramae of Tokyo's narrow alleyways

Tokyo artist Monde created a set of bookends for last week's Tokyo Design Festa that are tall, narrow dioramae containing detailed miniatures of the narrow laneways of Tokyo, with street furniture, signage and cobblestones; alas, these don't appear to be production items (and would need some kind of weight or underbook tongues to serve as effective bookends), but they're lovely to look at! (more…)

My family as LEGO Brickheadz

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My daughter has sculpted our likenesses as LEGO Brickheadz.

The LEGO Brickheadz Brick Me kit is fairly awesome. My 11 year-old spent an hour or so on each of these, and was excited to point out she put a cool surfer logo on my hat.

Amazon currently has these 708 piece sets for $24, which is below list price.

LEGO BrickHeadz Go Brick Me 41597 Building Kit (708 Piece) via Amazon

Woman animates her dysfunctional family's conversations

For her "True Stories" series, cartoonist Lauren eLL (Lorenzo) gives us a candid look into her dysfunctional (her words, though it's hard to disagree) family's life by secretly recording their conversations and then animating them.

Her latest one is called A Family Dinner and we're all welcome to take a "seat" at the table with Lauren (who's portrayed as male, for some reason), her brother (who "hates everyone"), her "troublemaker" sister, her mom (who "tries"), her short-tempered dad, and her 99-year-old grandmother Nanny.

Lauren's most popular video in this gem of a series is "Alexa Ruins Families" from March:


Upgrade your trampoline by adding interactive LEDs

Adafruit Industries has created a tutorial to upgrade an ordinary trampoline by adding fun, interactive NeoPixel LEDs.

This is a really fun project that lights up when you jump on it! These trampolines are meant for exercising and jumping on this thing for just a few minutes feels like a working out so perfect for tiring out kids, just be sure to supervise them. It works really well and looks amazing at night, especially around a fire pit with a fog machine.

Yes, please!

(The Awesomer)

Learn the art of hand-pulling noodles by two masters

Here where I live in Alameda, California, there's a Chinese restaurant where they hand-pull noodles behind a window in the back of the room. The atmosphere at Ark feels dated but the food's pretty good and watching the guy swinging around noodle dough makes it worth the trip. However, there's no opportunity to talk to the noodle maker and learn his story.

So, I was thrilled to see this Tasty video show up today. It gives insight on the artistry of hand-pulling noodles by two noodle masters, Peter Song of Kung Fu Kitchen in New York City and Shuichi Kotani, the CEO of Worldwide-Soba. Come for their stories but stay for the awesome footage of two pros making noodles dance (or vice versa).

Senate confirms Trump's pick Gina Haspel to lead CIA. Here are the 6 Democrats who voted 'yes' for torture.

What's a little harsh interrogation between friends? President Donald Trump's pick Gina Haspel was today voted in by the Senate as the new head of the CIA, despite playing a key part in post-9/11 torture programs under President George W. Bush.

Her role in destroying the CIA's damning torture tapes in earlier years makes her the perfect spy boss for Trump, the President for whom force, secrecy, and lies are solutions to every problem.


For decades, it was an open secret that patients of USC's only full-time gynecologist were complaining about sexual assaults during exams

For nearly 30 years, there was only one full-time gynecologist on staff at the University of Southern California's student health clinic: Dr. George Tyndall, about whom there was a widespread understanding among staff and students that he sexualized his examinations, making overt sexual remarks to the teenagers under his care, fondling them, and waxing creepy about his predilection for Asian women. (more…)

Kindergarten teacher finds bag of crack cocaine in 6-year-old student's mouth

A kindergarten teacher noticed a small plastic bag in one of her student's mouths. The girl was chewing on the bag, thinking the white stuff inside was sugar – but it was actually crack cocaine.

Luckily the teacher, at Mastery Charter Hardy Williams Elementary school in southwest Philadelphia, grabbed the bag before the girl had broken through the plastic. She thought it looked like drugs and called the police. When she asked where the kindergartner got the bag, the girl said she found it in another student's backpack.

According to USA Today:

In a statement, the school, Mastery Charter Hardy Williams Elementary, said both children were taken to the nurse's office "where it was determined there was no evidence either of the students had ingested the substance."

Police said the nurse cleared the children and a school resource officer sent them home. Meanwhile, detectives began to investigate.

The school looked through the belongings of every student in the class but didn't find anything else.

Image: Argv0 - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

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