Bear Wednesday 2: Adorable sweater edition

Celebrate what's left of Bear Wednesday by cooing over the cuteness embodied in this sweater, knitted with silhouettes of tardigrades. Also known as water bears, tardigrades are microscopic animals known for surviving some seriously extreme conditions and for being inexplicably cute for something that grows from a larva.

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Happy Bear Wednesday!

Celebrate Bear Wednesday with a peek at the awesome strength of grizzly bears, courtesy National Geographic. First, for some reason, we have a guy wrestling a trained grizzly bear named Adam. It's just for play-play. The action really happens in the second half of the video where two bears are enticed into displaying feats of strength—such as lifting a 650 pound rock with one paw—by the promise of peanut butter and dry dog food coated in maple syrup. Nom.

Credit to Tony D'Aloia for the invention of Bear Wednesday.

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