Doctor Bombay! Doctor Bombay! Emergency! Right Away!

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The artist behind these spellbinding witch hats almost stopped making them after her first one

These stunning felted-wool witch hats are the handiwork of a Kentucky-based fiber artist named Kate.

The world of fantasy felted creations is her full-time job now. On top of creating them, which she sells in her shop Felt Wicked Art, she also teaches felting workshops all over the United States and offers downloadable tutorials to would-be hat makers. But she writes that she nearly gave up after making (and selling) her first hat at a craft fair:

I made a few "normal" hats before making my very first witch hat. It would be unrecognizable today as my style, with just a few wrinkles and some embellishments. At that point it was really more of an experiment and I was actually a little self-conscious of it. I took it to a craft fair though and it to my surprise it sold that day. It was a relief that someone else thought it was interesting too, as some part of me still just wasn't sure. And I almost didn't make any more. I didn't want to go through that vulnerable process of making something unique and then asking people to give me money for it. In the end though I just couldn't stop myself from making another one, and then another one, not necessarily because I even wanted to sell them but just because I loved the hats so much! I'm glad I stuck with it."

We're glad you did too!

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Now there are subscription boxes for witches

Starting at $14.99/month, you can have a box of "luxury occult items" sent to you by Box Bewitched. You'll pick either The Maiden, The Mother, or The Crone box and each month, they'll send you a curated assortment of healing crystals, incense, spell candles, magickal herbs, oils, pagan jewelry, altar tools, ruins, apparel, and other bewitching goodies. No nose twitching necessary.

As a bonus, a portion of the proceeds go to helping homeless cats.

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Theme song for Bewitched has lyrics, here's Steve Lawrence singing it

Here's Steve Lawrence singing "Bewitched" in 1964, the same year the popular TV series starring Elizabeth Montgomery launched. I didn't know the theme song had lyrics, just as I didn't know the Dick Van Dyke Show's theme song had lyrics until I saw this recent video of Dick Van Dyke singing them:

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