Happy Mutants travel happy with this travel bidet

Don't you just hate finding that the toilet paper in your exotic luxury hotel is like sandpaper? Now you can travel with the comforts of a Happy Mutant home by bringing along your travel bidet!

It literally chaps my ass to find the TP in a really expensive luxury place is going to make a lot of walking unpleasant. To make matters worse, I've been following Mark's advice regarding personal hygiene and I no longer like to wipe my hiney, I prefer to spray it clean! Luckily, I found this amazing, hand pumped bidet! Now I can feel my best regardless the torturous papel supplied in most Central American bathrooms.

Remember, fill this with warm but not blazing hot water! You'll know via the temperature of the squeeze bulb if the h2o is too hot. You may also want to get a hand exerciser, to help up your power.

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UPDATE March 22, 2020: This post has never been more appropriate!

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