A toy vacuum for kids that actually works—sort of

Dyson has made a smaller, battery-operated version of their famous ball vacuum, with actual suction power, for children. Don't get too excited, it's not time to pass off your heavy-duty floor-cleaning chores to your child. This toy is only capable of sucking up "small pieces of paper or polystyrene balls." But for just $30, it'll be nice to put Junior to work cleaning up all those pesky fortune cookie fortunes and piles of poly balls off the floor.

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A who's-who of tech manufacturers sent scaremongering letters to the Illinois legislature to kill Right to Repair

Illinois is one of 18 states where Right to Repair legislation has been introduced -- rules that would force manufacturers to end the practice of undermining the independent repair sector with hidden service documents, unavailable parts, and DRM. Read the rest

Dyson's hair dryer is tiny, quiet and pricey

Dyson, makers of high-end vacuum cleaners and other gadgets that do clever things with air, is moving into beauty products. The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer promises a premium model's power in a smaller, quieter package, and was built around the company's smallest motor yet.

It's priced at $400, too — apparently not unreasonable for salon gear, if an unlikely option for consumers — and will be available in white and fuscia. Here's the ad they've just put out:

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